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Advanced Network Devices IPSWD-SM-RWB-IC

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Advanced Network Devices
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Advanced Network Devices IP Surface Mount Display with Flashers for Informacast

The ANETD IPSWD-SM-RWB-IC is an 8in IP speaker embedded into a white 12" x 12" surface mounted wall hanging. It also features a 4 or 6 digit clock which can also scroll text. The IPSWD-SM-RWB-IC features a red, white, and blue LED flashers upgrade used for alerts or emergencies. The IPSWD-SM-RWB-IC includes a built in microphone for 2 way talkback. The IP Clock is powered and fed to using an RJ45 connection on a Cat5 Cable from a PoE Switch so there is no need to install power where you will be using the speaker.

Advanced Network Devices IPSWD-SM-RWB-IC Overview

ANETD's Surface Mount Wall IP Speaker and IP Paging display is a PoE loudspeaker that requires only an RJ-45 connector to connect to existing data networks. Simultaneously, you can broadcast to both phones and speakers. It features full multicast and broadcast support and allows you to send messaging to all devices, individual devices, or groups of devices.

The Advanced Network Devices IPSWD-SM-RWB-IC is an ideal addition to your IP Paging environment as they require no special hardware or servers. All speakers are PoE so no power needs to be installed at the location where you are placing the speaker. All you need is a Cat5 cable drop connected to a PoE Switch or PoE injector. An on-board web server exists for status and control and field upgrades.The clock is atomic so it never needs to be reset.

Advanced Network Devices IPSWD-SM-RWB-IC Features:

  • 8" Speaker
  • 12" x 4" x 12" surface mount wall hanging
  • Built in microphone for 2 way communication
  • Built in clock and LCD display to display time (4 or 6 digits) or scrolling text
  • Bright red, white, and blue LED flashers for emergency notification and lighting.
  • Full multicast and broadcast support.
  • Send audio to individual devices, all devices or groups of devices.
  • Field upgradable.
  • On-board web server for status and control and field upgrades.
  • Low delay.
  • Easy to install — built-in test tones allow quick checkout of installation.
  • Contact closures and general purpose I/O for network-based control and/or status of remote devices.
  • Interoperates with Cisco VoIP networks and phones.
  • Optional two channels of both contact closure and contact sensing.
  • 10/100 Ethernet
  • Sensitivity: 95dB SPL
  • PoE Power = 8W
  • Supported Software by 3rd parties: Informacast/Singlewire
  • See Technical Specs for more info

Advanced Network Devices
Advanced Network Devices IPSWD-SM-RWB-IC

Joe Shanahan

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Why Pay $879.98 for the Advanced Network Devices IPSWD-SM-RWB-IC?

  • Powerful 8in speaker embedded into a 12in x 12insurface mount wall box with embedded microphone for 2 way communication

  • Includes a 4 or 6 digit atomic clock which can also scroll text

  • Includes red, white, and blue LED strobe flashers which can be used in emergencies

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