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Algo 8196 PoE+ SIP Horn Speaker

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The 8196 IP PoE+ Horn Speaker is suitable for use in both indoor and outdoor environments and can withstand intense weather conditions when the back wire compartment is correctly secured to avoid water entry. Read More

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Algo 8196 PoE+ SIP Horn Speaker Overview

The Algo 8196 IP PoE+ Horn Speaker is a SIP-compliant, multicast-capable IP Speaker suited for voice paging, loud ringing, and alert/notification solutions, especially in wide-areas and high-noise places such as warehouses and factories. The Algo 8196 can be utilized for outdoor environments when set up correctly. Up to three Algo 1196 Satellite Horn Speakers can be connected to the 8196, allowing it to cover a vast area with just one 8196. This decreases the number of network connections necessary, potentially lowering the total installation cost! The Algo 8196 contains a total audio output of 16 Watts. It may be utilized individually with a single speaker producing up to 16 Watts or with the power divided evenly among the satellites (e.g. 4 Watts to each speaker when using the 8196 with 3x 1196 satellite speakers. The Algo 8196 features integrated microphones that allow for talkback and detect surrounding noise for automated volume adjustment. The Algo 8196 Horn Speaker is set up with the central provisioning features or by using a web interface using browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, or Edge. 

What's Included:

  • Algo 8196 IP PoE+ Horn Speaker
  • Mounting Bracket
  • Gaskets
  • Flat Head Screwdriver
  • Pluggable Terminal Black for Relay Input and Output
  • Getting Started Sheet

Algo 8196 PoE+ SIP Horn Speaker Features

  • SIP, Multicast, Polycom Group Page, InformaCast, Revolution
  • 16W audio output power from PoE+
  • Web GUI configurable + centralized provisioning
  • TLS, MTLS, SRTP security
  • Near limitless zoning options
  • Multicast scalable
  • Ambient noise responsive
  • Codec support for G.711, G.722, OPUS 48 kHz