Audiocodes AHR-M2K_S15/YR

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The Audiocodes Advanced Hardware Replacement (AHR) option, when purchased with an ACTS or DVS technical support contract, allows for advanced hardware replacement shall your Audiocodes device ever need repair within the contract period.

Audiocodes Advanced Hardware Replacement Option

Audiocodes Advanced Hardware Replacement (AHR) offers parts advanced replacement for commonly used field replaceable units for a period of 1 year. Multiple years can be purchased. Audiocodes AHR is an add on to ACTS 9x5 or ACTS 24x7 technical support. Customers are subject to a 30 day qualification period from the date of AHR contract purchase before an AHR claim can be placed.

AHR does not include remote installation or installation help.

AHR Terms and Conditions:

  • -- Replacement part will be shipped out to customer by a time period specifically agreed upon when ordering such service. In North America, if an AHR claim is received after 1:00PM ET replacement part will be shipped out on the next business day.
  • -- Audiocodes may invoice customer for shipping costs in case customer requests to ship the replacement part to a location other than the customer main address.
  • -- Replacement parts/products may be reconditioned or previously repaired products.
  • -- The warranty on the replacement product is the same as the main ACTS contract or 90 days from the date of shipment of the replacement product, whichever is later.
  • -- Customer must return the faulty product to Audiocodes within 15 days of receiving the replacement.
  • -- If faulty unit is not returned to Audiocodes within 15 days, the customer will be invoiced for ther full purchase price of the faulty unit.
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