AudioCodes MP1288 Software SBC Session (50) Technical Support

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AudioCodes MP1288 50 Software Session Technical Support.

AudioCodes MP1288 Software SBC Session (50) Technical Support 

AudioCodes MP1288 Technical Support for 50 SBC sessions.

AudioCodes Technical Support is effective upon the date of delivery of the hardware/software, when it is installed and fully functional. AudioCodes technical support terms, including pricing, reflect typically a 12-month support period, but longer periods are available (know as "support period").

The AudioCodes ACTS 9x5 Program includes Level 2-4 remote technical support for a 12-month period for deployed products. Available during normal business days and hours, Monday-Friday, 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM (Customer local time, Holidays excluded), for all other incident priority levels.

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