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Grandstream has been known for its IP video/voice telephony and video surveillance solutions. Some of you may have heard of their Grandstream Automated Provisioning System (GAPS) they introduced several years ago. What does it do? How can you take advantage of it? Let’s check it out.gaps

As its name states, GAPS is an automated system that allows enterprise IT administrators and service providers direct and secure control over device provisioning and streamlines mass deployment of Grandstream’s products from a central location. Let’s find out some of the highlighted benefits of the GAPS:

Benefits of the GAPS

Plug and Play Servicegrandstream-logo

Like most of Grandstream’s products, you are able to use the web-GUI to create a profile and control it from your end. This application is


Recently, some of my clients showed interests in learning about Sangoma’s SIPStation. They wanted to know what it does and how they can benefit from it. So I’d like to share this with all of you who are curious about the SIPStation or are looking for an ideal VoIP service solution.

What Does the SIPStation Do?

The SIPStation is Sangoma’s SIP Trunking service that provides both Canadian and USA all-sized businesses with feature-rich telephony services using just a standard Internet connection you already have. The SIPStation also allows you to port your existing phone numbers and choose the numbers you want to represent your business nationally.

Six Biggest Benefits of the SIPStation SIP Trunks

  1. Save 25% or more with the Trunk Groups

The Trunk Groups …

You probably wear a lot of different hats within your company. We both know that you have more important things to do than assembling and programming your VoIP system.

VoIP Supply LogoEach component in a VoIP system needs its own programming and little tweaks. So why not save valuable time by having the experts at VoIP Supply configure your components for you so they are truly plug and play!

provisioining-1 PBX Provisioning Service: Ready to go right out of the box!

Our provisioning team configures the proper IP settings to match your network specifications, sets up your extension information, as well as makes sure the PBX is ready to be put in your network and connect to your phones.

Even better, we configure up to 10 phones purchased …

The communication expenses remain the top expense list for most of the hotel businesses despite that more hotel guests are using personal mobile devices than ever before. In order for hotels to survive and become competitive in the hospitality industry, switching to a VoIP system becomes a wise choice in terms of cost savings, work efficiency, and customer experience.

Recently, I have received some inquiries from customers about the 3CX hotel module and the Xorcom Complete Concierge. They were interested in learning about their features, highlights, and the differences between these two solutions. So, let’s dive in together!

3cx thumbThe 3CX Hotel Module 

The Hotel PBX is designed for hospitality environments which enable functions such as guest Check In and Check Out, setting guest extensions to …


In the previous post, I have briefly discussed what PBXact System is and how you can benefit from it. Today, I am going t walk you through the three main popular PBXact UC solutions and help you pick out the right phone system you desire!

The PBXact UC Series includes six phone systems but today we will focus on the three most popular systems: the PBXact UC 40, the PBXact UC 100 and the PBXact UC 1000 system.


The PBXact UC 40 is the smallest on-premise based appliance in the Sangoma PBXact family that is built for small businesses looking for a simple solution without bells and whistles. The PBXact 40 supports up to 40 licensed users and 30 simultaneous calls. It is an …

Recently, I’ve had a couple conversations with some customers about the Sangoma PBXact phone system. They were interested in learning what this system is and how they can benefit from it. If you are a small to medium-sized business like a lot of my customers are, you will want to learn this quick, easy-to-use business phone system too! Let’s check it out.

What Is Sangoma PBXact?

The PBXact is a cloud-based, Unified Communications business phone system that’s completely managed in Sangoma’s data centers. The software it uses is no different from your typical on-premise appliances, except it’s in the cloud.

Powered by the leading open source PBX system, FreePBX, the PBXact comes with numerous user-friendly features and is one of the easiest systems to …

As a VoIP consultant, I get a lot of calls from customers each day asking for recommended solutions that can fit the needs of their business.

Recently, I have received questions from customers using Polycom VVX phones in loud work environments such as warehouses, restaurants and machine shops, where they can’t hear the ringtones, resulting in missing important calls. If you are facing the same issue, you may find the following solution useful.


Hear Loud and Clear with the Algo 8180 Alerter

8180To reduce the missed calls in a noisy or large site, we recommend you use this straightforward solution – The Algo 8180 Audio Alerter with the Algo 1506 Polycom Ring Detector.

The Algo 8180 is a SIP compliant PoE speaker designed …

Cisco is certainly the most recognized name in the VoIP/networking hardware game. Cisco has now introduced their “Small Business” line of which, as you may have gathered from the name, focuses on the small to medium sized businesses.

The Cisco Small Business line offers several categories of hardware including:

In short, the Cisco line has you covered for anything your business may need for VoIP/Network/Surveillance hardware.

Alright, so what are the benefits of Cisco Small Business? Let’s take a look!…

Upon weighing your wireless VoIP options of the utilization of , you may have decided on DECT as the best fit for you. Great choice, but what is next? In this week’s blog I would like to take the opportunity to present the benefits of Polycom Kirk Wireless systems/phones.

If you are familiar with the Polycom KIRK line of wireless VoIP Solutions…you will know that Polycom KIRK offers outstanding solutions!

Overall, Polycom KIRK solutions will:

  • Provide mobility in the workplace.
  • Keep you continuously connected to your peers and customers.
  • Increases efficiency, productivity, and response time.

Utilizing DECT solutions have become very popular in the manufacturing, healthcare, hospitality, and retail industries. These solutions are designed to fit into applications ranging from single user solutions to …

Wireless communications can be integrated into a VoIP network to increase flexibility of use.

There are a few methods by which a mobile handset can communicate over wireless. Wi-Fi and DECT are the two most commonly used and most debated. Before we get into the advantages of DECT, let’s take a look into what DECT actually is.

What is DECT?

DECT or Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications is a digital communications standard of which is primarily used for creating cordless phone systems.  Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications uses base stations and SIP to connect to your VoIP PBX.

DECT runs on 1880 MHz-1900Back in the early 1980’s, when cordless analog units began to reach European shores from the Far East, techies quickly adorned to the …