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You had feedback and Sangoma listened! Sangoma recently updated their Peace of Mind Support Package in an effort to consolidate their offerings and make things more consistent for customers.

A POMPs package is an optional support agreement that is purchased by the customer from Sangoma for a single PBXact system. The purchase of a POMPs base package, which is sold as Gold or Platinum and any additional Add-On Feature packages entitles the customer to certain services to be rendered by Sangoma. Some of my customers wonder what has changed and how the two support levels different. So, let’s check out the two support packages in the chart below.

Choosing the right FreePBX support package will ensure you receive all technical support from implementation assistance to …


Don’t have time to research all the Sangoma FreePBX bundle solutions? Do you want to be more efficient at shopping for your FreePBX solution without making a wrong decision? You’ve come to the right place.

We see many customers struggle when trying to choose an ideal FreePBX solution for their businesses. Therefore, we went ahead and compared the 4 main Sangoma FreePBX bundle solutions below to save you time and the headache of figuring out which solution is right for your business:

The comparison will be based on Target Users, Adds-on Modules, Price, and License& Support. …

Polycom is known within the telephony market for both their analog and VoIP conference phones.  This post will focus on three current models of VoIP conference phones that Polycom offers.

These Polycom phones offer a variety of solutions that are designed for any size conference room, allowing for interactive multiple person calls without sacrificing the quality of the call.

They all come with Polycom HD voice technology, have the ability for desktop paging and also have standard voicemail, hold and mute buttons.  The phones can be powered through a standard AC power connection and via a Power over Ethernet switch as well.…

Grandstream GXV3140 Overview

The Grandstream GXV3140 is the latest release from Grandstream’s video telecommunications line, and is quite an upgrade to the previously released GXV3000 series.  The GXV3140 is the first dual stack desktop multimedia phone from any manufacturer to be compatible with both native Skype and SIP open standards for free voice and video calling.  Its feature set is designed to allow the user to keep in visual contact with colleagues, family and friends by offering free two-way or three-way video calling along with real-time instant access to a variety of web and popular social multimedia applications.

As Grandstream puts it:  “We are extremely happy to share with our worldwide customers that Grandstream’s GXV3140 is the first desktop multimedia phone to be

Yealink VP-2009P Overview

As the popularity of video telecommunications continues to grow, so do the makes and models of IP video phones.  To go along with the more well known offerings from Polycom and Grandstream, Yealink has jumped into the market with their own entry – the VP-2009P.  The Yealink VP-2009P has the sleek look and style of the other Yealink desk phones and is reasonably priced, with a price point sitting between similar models from Grandstream and Polycom.  With a large 7” touchscreen LCD display, support for both h.263 and h.264 video codecs, as well as support for the wideband G.722 audio codec, the Yealink VP-200P is looking to position itself as one of the leaders in the desktop video phone market.

While …

In my last two posts I discussed the features and highlights of the Polycom video conferencing units HDX 4000 and HDX 6004.

Now it’s time to take a look at the Polycom video phone, VVX1500.

Polycom VVX1500 Multimedia Phone

While this offering from Polycom can accurately be called a video phone, as it is a phone that has video capabilities, Polycom calls it a “Business Media Phone.”  Call it what you will, it measures up to Polycom’s usual high standards of excellence while combining audio and video in one desktop unit.

The VVX1500 is a SIP video phone with great audio and video quality that uses relatively low bandwidth and is becoming very popular in the small business space.   It has a high …

polycom hdx 6004The Polycom HDX 6004 series is an entry-level model of Polycom’s premier products in their room telepresence lineup, which is designed for small group environments.  The system, which does not include a monitor, delivers Polycom’s UltlimateHD experience with HD video, voice and content sharing capabilities.

HDX 6004 Series Overview

The HDX 6004 is a plug-and-play system that is easy to install and use, while only requiring simple connectivity.  HDMI output allows for quick and seamless integration with high definition displays via a single cable, and the standards-based Polycom People+Content (which was discussed in an earlier posting about the HDX 4000) allows users to easily share high quality documents, spreadsheets and multimedia content.

The high quality audio is delivered by top of the line Polycom …

The HDX 4000 series is one of Polycom’s premier products in their video conferencing lineup.  These are desktop machines with both HD (HDX 4002) and standard definition (HDX 4001) models.

HDX 4000 Series Overview

Polycom is known the world over for building high quality products, and this unit measures up to Polycom’s usual high standards in a big way.  This desktop device has a 20.1” high definition widescreen display and is driven by a box which is basically a small form factor PC.

The high quality camera is located at the top of the monitor.  The audio is HD as well and comes equipped with the Polycom Siren 22 Technology for high-fidelity stereo sound.  Four powerful speakers and two widely spaced microphones are integrated into …

In previous posts I discussed some of the benefits of wireless VoIP, as well as how to design your wireless VoIP network.

Now it’s time to look into choosing the wireless VoIP phone that is right for you. Before selecting a phone there are several factors that you should consider. Things such as why you are looking for a wireless IP phone, what type of phone you require, who will be using it, what is the budget, and what do you expect and need out of the phone should all be thought out prior to purchase.…

In my last post I discussed the benefits of utilizing wireless VoIP in both a WiFi environment and a cordless DECT environment.

Both types provide users the freedom of mobility while still being able to have constant access to their telephone.  Now we will look at how to go about designing and setting up a wireless VoIP system.   Since the cordless DECT phones have a base station that is directly connected to the network with CAT5 cabling, this post will focus on setting up a wireless network for WiFi phones.…