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Mary Cheney is the Marketing Manager and joined the VoIP Supply team in December of 2015. Her primary focus is working with the marketing team to promote the most innovative VoIP solutions.

[Q & A] Do I Have to Pay for CyberData Design Services?

October 12, 2022
Q: We are looking to deploy a CyberData IP Paging Solution, we need assistance with the design of the solution, do we have to pay ... READ MORE

How To Keep Track of Multiple Calls on a Cisco 8841

July 30, 2021
If your phone is ringing off the hook and you are trying to keep track of multiple calls at once it can get overwhelming pretty ... READ MORE

Did You Know – The PanaCast 50 Offers 4 Vibration-Free Speakers for Crystal Clear High-Definition Audio?

July 27, 2021
Jabra continues to add to their PanaCast line and if you haven’t checked out the PanaCast 50 yet, you are really missing out!  Did you know ... READ MORE

July VoIP News Update July was a great month wasn’t it! We love updating you with the latest products and programs that are available from our partners. This month ... READ MORE

How To Hide My Caller ID On a Snom D735

July 23, 2021
There are times that you may not want people to know your phone number when dialing out. Most VoIP Phones give you the ability to ... READ MORE

Q&A: Loud Working Environments That Need Broadcast Messages to Employees

July 21, 2021
With many businesses updating their infrastructure, they are looking not only to update phones but also their paging and security systems. One question that comes ... READ MORE

Yeastar P550 Unboxing Video We are very excited to release this unboxing video of the Yeastar P550! If you are looking for a user-friendly PBX that is packed with ... READ MORE

July VoIP Hardware Roundup: Snom, Sangoma and Cisco

July 20, 2021
It has been a busy couple of weeks! We wanted to highlight some of the products we recently unboxed, so check out this month's hardware ... READ MORE

Is Your Church Looking To Upgrade Their Phone System?

July 19, 2021
Is your church looking to upgrade their phone system? We have many customers and potential clients with similar needs and requirements, so we wanted to ... READ MORE

How to Factory Reset the Fanvil i53W

July 14, 2021
For this how-to we will walk you through how to factory reset the Fanvil i53W SIP Indoor Doorphone and Intercom Station with touchscreen. It’s very ... READ MORE
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