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Polycom Set to Release VVX 1500 IP Video Phone

March 9, 2009
After a long wait and much speculation, Polycom has announced the release of their heavily anticipated VVX 1500 IP Video Phone. The Polycom VVX 1500 is ... READ MORE

Sick of not making money on VoIP hardware?

February 12, 2009
I bet you are. Remember the good 'ole days? When you actually made fat margins on the VoIP hardware products you sold. It was great. You ... READ MORE

New IP Phones From Aastra: 6370i & 6731i

January 27, 2009
The site has been a bit lean on content as of late, but we are getting back into the swing, and with the ITExpo in ... READ MORE

First Look: Cisco SPA525G Desktop IP Phone with WiFi, BlueTooth and More!

December 25, 2008
Cisco has released a new, 5-line IP phone, the SPA525G....and VoIPSupply has it first! This product breaks new ground in a number of areas which ... READ MORE

First Look: Linksys WIP310-G1 802.11G WiFi IP Phone

December 18, 2008
Linksys cum Cisco has been threatening to release the WIP310-G1 since Spring of 2008, and it looks as though the wait may be coming to ... READ MORE

Aastra 57i Named Best IP Phone for Asterisk?

December 15, 2008
No, this isn't an official award that I picked up on from some press release. This award comes from an actual user - none other ... READ MORE

Sangoma B600 Line Launched

December 8, 2008
Last week leading telephony card manufacturer Sangoma launched their newest series of cards, the B600 series. The Sangoma B600 series was designed from the ground-up for ... READ MORE

Memo to Asterisk PCI Card Manufacturers: Please Build This!

December 4, 2008
Here at VoIPSupply, one of the least fun parts of our job is managing the literally thousands of individual product SKU's, collectively, from PCI card ... READ MORE

Your Future IP Phone

November 27, 2008
I know. I know. It's Thanksgiving. I shouldn't be scouring the Internet. I should be enjoying the day. But I found something just now that I ... READ MORE

Back From the Dead: Linksys WIP300

November 21, 2008
During it's heyday, the Linksys WIP300 was one of, if not the, most popular wireless IP phones on the market. Sadly, Linksys discontinued the WIP300 ... READ MORE