Fact vs Fiction: Can I Get VoIP Through My Internet Provider? (Infographic)

August 1, 2018 by Ying-Hui Chen

Recently, we have received many questions about getting VoIP service from an existing Internet service provider. We have seen some of the following questions,  can I bundle a VoIP phone system through their Internet provider? Will the process be easier? What do I need to be aware of?

If you are asking the same questions, be sure to read this article before it’s too late! We are going to share some facts from the three most common fictions.

Can I Get VoIP Through My Internet Provider?

Fiction #1: All I need is an Internet connection for VoIP to work

Fact: While you do need the Internet to make VoIP calls, it is more complicated than just that! Aside from the Internet connection, you will also need to consider the VoIP hardware, your calling habits, types of VoIP service you want to have (on-premise or hosted), and much much more! See a full list of VoIP requirements here.

If you are new to VoIP, we recommend you visit our website and download our most comprehensive FREE VoIP guides to learn more about VoIP before you make any decisions. If you’re still confused, then give us a call at 1-800-398-8647!

Fiction #2: I have the Internet service already so it’s easier to bundle my VoIP phone system through my existing Internet Provider.

Fact: It might seem easier to bundle a phone solution directly through your existing Internet provider; however, it can be a long-term headache if your provider is not a VoIP expert. Be sure to consult with your provider first to make sure they are experienced and able to offer the best value solutions.

Also, sometimes the bundle solutions from Internet providers might not be the best deals in terms of service quality, technical support, and pricing. So look carefully – consult, compare, and evaluate!

Most recently we had a customer purchase their VoIP phones through their internet service provider and that provider locked the phones, meaning they cannot be resold for fair market value. They are looking for new service because they are not happy, they had to purchase all new phones, an expense they would not have had to worry about had they done a little homework.

Fiction #3: My Internet provider should know everything Internet-related so they must be VoIP experts.

Fact: Yes, your internet service provider provides your “Internet service”, but that does not mean they are an expert in the VoIP industry. The Internet is an indispensable element to make VoIP work but, keep in mind, VoIP is more than just an Internet connection. Therefore, it is best to work with a VoIP-specialized team with years of experiences in the VoIP field!

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