Introducing Switchvox 6.3

July 28, 2016 by Jeff Quinn


Digium pedals forward with Switchvox 6.3 release

Switchvox 6.3 is the most recent update to their Unified Communications platform. Here are some of the changes and updates to help your system run smoother.

Multicast for Digium Phones

There is now the ability to manage prioritized multicast addresses, and set up Digium phones to listen to those addresses.

“Multicast transmissions can be handled separately from Switchvox; Digium Phones will listen for those transmissions. Or, you can use a Switchvox SIP extension with a separate third-party multicast device as that extension’s end-point. In that scenario, a Switchvox user can dial that extension to speak and transmit audio to the appropriate phones.”

Multiple Parking Lots

Switchvox admins have the ability to create more than one call parking extension and also name them. You can access your settings to adjust how long the call should be parked for and then where it is sent to after that time period.

Name this Switchvox

When handling multiple on-site Switchvox systems you now have the ability to name each system. You can access this feature by going to Tools > IP Configuration > Advanced Options. The name will be displayed under the Welcome dropdown.


Particular issues/bugs that have been resolved

Firmware for Polycom has been updated for Switchvox Phone Feature Packs.

When using the plugin caller ID information will be saved and not lost when the call is ended.

The Swichboard Layouts features has an increased maximum-character limit which allows layouts with a large number of contacts within tags widgets and contacts.

The silence at the end of voicemails is no longer automatically deleted. You can adjust this by going to Tools > Voicemail settings.

The audio on multimedia chat using screen sharing has been improved.

If you’re interested in updating your system please contact our solution specialists at 1-800-398-8647 or [email protected]

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