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Digium Phones


About Digium Phones

You no longer have to wish for VoIP phones designed specifically for Digium's widely adopted open source Asterisk communication software and their unified communications (UC) stalwart Switchvox system. Digium phone features include high definition, support for SIP, and POE.

Digium VoIP Phones, the latest Digium innovation, will greatly improve upon your Asterisk and Switchvox based systems by providing an unprecedented level of integration. Digium phones are more in tune with Asterisk and Switchvox than any other VoIP phone, unlocking their full performance potential and customization.

Digium has created productivity apps on their phones that will work with both Asterisk and Switchvox including an app engine with a powerfully simple JavaScript AVI for programmers to create and run custom apps. Switchvox Switchboard capabilities are extended on Digium phones with enhanced features such as presence management, searchable contact directory, queue monitoring, and recording and voicemail control.

Available in three models from entry level to executive level (including bundles) Digium VoIP phones are a strategic and cost effective solution designed to fully leverage your Asterisk or Switchvox systems.

Why buy Digium Phones?

  • Who else but the Asterisk and Switchvox innovators could produce phones with the tightest integration to run on their systems?
  • Digium offers an expansive support site, products are highly scalable, perfect size for small, medium, or large businesses.
  • Digium's expansive support site offers world class trainings, product literature library, phone support, and a custom development support site.
Digium Switchvox

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    Digium is excited to introduce their first HD touchscreen phone that is designed for use with Asterisk and Switchvox. The D80 is an executive-level gigabit phone with high definition capacitive touch-screen and advanced user interface. It's a high-quality phone at an affordable price.
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    Part of Digium's newest and latest line of phones, the D65 is a 6-line Gigabit IP Phone designed exclusively for use with Asterisk and Switchvox. The D65 is a mid-level feature phone that provides plug-and-play deployment at an affordable price point.
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    The Digium D62 is part of Digium's latest line of IP Phones. It provides dependability in an elegant and sleek design for users who need an entry-level Gigabit phone. The D62 supports 2-line keys and has been designed for use with Asterisk and Switchvox 6.1.2 or higher.
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    Digium D60 is a 2-line entry-level IP phone that is part of Digium's newest and greatest color series. The D60 has been designed for use with Asterisk and Switchvox 6.1.2 or higher.
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    The Digium 1TELD007LF is a 5v power supply which is an optional accessory for Digium ALL IP Phones
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    A replacement handset for the Digium D40, D50 and D70 IP phones
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    Wall Mount Kit, D6X IP Phones

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