Microsoft Teams Adds New Advanced Calling Features

December 18, 2018 by Ying-Hui Chen

Microsoft Teams keeps adding new features and functionalities to better accommodate both small businesses and enterprises. Earlier this month, Microsoft Teams, once again, announced their new roadmap of rolling out four new advanced calling features, including group call pickup, call park, shared line appearance, and location-based routing. These new features are expected to be available in a few weeks to the first quarter of 2019!

Group Call Pickup

This is an enhancement of an existing feature that Teams offers. Users can now automatically forward incoming calls to groups of colleagues. You are able to call each member in the group simultaneously or separately. Customizations of the appearance and notifications your participants receive will also be available.

Call Park

Users can now put a call on hold and send a text message to an assigned employee who can then answer the call in the Teams app.

Shared Line Appearance

Create user accounts with multiple phone lines. Your incoming calls can be set to automatically forwarded to assigned users. This feature enables other people to answer and make calls on your behalf.

Location-based routing

Restrict the routing of calls between VoIP endpoints and PSTN endpoints based on the location of the callers. This call management feature controls how your calls are routed by the Teams server and enforces call authorization rules based on the caller’s geographic location.

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