Rhino R4FXO-EC New Analog PCI Card From Rhino!

February 14, 2007 by Garrett Smith

Rhino Equipment Has Released Their New 4 Port FXO Card With Echo Cancellation
rhino r4fxo-ec

The Rhino R4FXO-EC is a next generation analog PCI card for use with Asterisk and other open source telephony platforms. The R4FXO-EC features an on-board control element and on-board Echo Cancellation Circuit. The on-board control element prevents PCI bus “bit banging” which allows for lower CPU power, while the on-board Echo Cancellation circuit provides echo protection to ensure crisp clean calls.

Rhino R4FXO-EC Features & Functionality

  • Asterisk soft PBX tested and ready
  • Zaptel-compliant open source Linux module source code
  • Proven Silicon Labs FXO DAA component – Si3050
  • Silicon Labs international line interface device – Si3019
  • Custom Rhino PCI interface chip means no excess CPU overhead
  • Four RJ11 jacks at card bracket
  • Field software upgradable
  • All major signaling modes supported
  • Loop start signaling for advanced features such as Caller ID and Distinctive Ring

Rhino R4FXO-EC Summary

The Rhino R4FXO-EC is an excellent alternative to analog PCI cards manufactured by Digium and Sangoma. With a price of $359.99, the R4FXO-EC is about $20USD cheaper than competiting cards, so for those of you on a tight budget it is certainly a available solution.

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  • Hi. i have a some question. if i install trixbox i need this card or can i use normal fax modem and one analog phone?

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