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March 18, 2008 by Garrett Smith

A close look at a simple Point to Point VoIP adapter solution from Linksys that could save you millions on those dreaded long distance fees.

We have all encountered them; hidden fees. Those spikes in the phone bill are the reasons why we have to question, “Where did that charge come from?” or “I didn’t realize that was a long distance call!” Want to put a stop to all of that? You would be foolish if you didn’t, so take a look at this solution:

VOIP Technology is driven through a high speed internet connection. Calls are mostly made (in this scenario) over the SIP protocol, unlike the traditional POTS (Plain Old Telephone System) where calls pass over a series of circuited switched networks owned by your Telco provider. So let’s drop the Telco provider out of the scenario and focusing on setting up a free point to point setup.

First you are going to need the following:

• A working high speed internet connection at both locations
• A Linksys PAP2T at each location
• An analog telephone to connect to the PAP2T’s in each location.
• This instruction guide for proper setup…

Linksys spa-ata and PAP2T Point to Point Instructions

The following diagram below will lay out the setup for this process and all instructions and screenshots will reference it.
Linksys spa ata schematics diagrams

SITE A Configuration

1. Connect an analog telephone to phone 1 port on a VoIP adapter unit.
2. Connect an Ethernet cable into the LAN port on your unit and power on.
3. From the analog phone, press ****, then 110# to get the IP Address of the unit.
4. Open your internet search browser from a computer and browse to that IP Address in the address bar.
5. Upon entering the Linksys Web GUI Configuration, click the System Tab.
6. Make the following changes.

Here is a typical point to point scenario:

Let’s say I will be traveling to Europe in the upcoming months, but I would still like to remain in contact with my friend in Florida. I am fully aware that if I call her from a European land line, I will most likely incur long distance fees, which will inevitably add up over time. But before I went to Europe, I did some shopping on VoIPSupply.com and purchased two Linksys PAP2T’s with the full intention to setup a pure VOIP solution to make free calls to and from my friend in Florida over the World Wide Web.

After receiving the PAP2T’s, I properly configured each unit to the specifications noted in the instructions above. I chose whatever extension worked best for me, and ensured that each would have a static IP address. This is a very important aspect of this setup since the two units “talk” to each other via IP and are “registered” to one another to form this IP communication link. After I had configured both units to “point” to one another, I made test calls to each, and the calls were made to and from both units on a pure VOIP basis.

This solution costs around $100 and takes about 30 minutes max to setup. The best part about the solution is you can bring the PAP2T anywhere, connect it to a high speed internet connection and make free calls to your other point. This is a point to point solution so you are only able to call the other recipient your device is configured to, and are limited to those boundaries.

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