VoIP Service Features: Voicemail to Text and IM & Presence

June 1, 2016 by Jeff Quinn

With the average employee always on the move and handling more each day, it is extremely beneficial to have features that make your day just a little bit easier.

No need to listen to a voicemail again

voicemail to text Do you check your voicemails regularly or does the flashing light on your phone never stop blinking? With the voicemail to text feature, you’re able to read a transcription of your voicemails on the go.

Now you have the ability to have valuable information saved in a text format so that you can reference back to it whenever you need to. You can also save valuable time by not listening to voicemails multiple times to catch details that you didn’t write down the first time.

Message your co-workers right from your desktop computer

Sometimes you just need a quick question answered that doesn’t warrant a full email or even a call. With an instant messaging service you’re able to quickly get your questions answers and resume to the task at hand.

You will save not only yourself time but your co-worker time too, creating a more efficient workplace environment!


Know when your co-workers are available

im and presence With the presence feature you know when you’re co-workers are available for a call at all times, instead of blindly transferring customers to them.

The presence feature allows you to know when a person is logged in and available. Don’t worry, if you have a deadline to hit and you can’t take calls, you can take advantage of the “busy” feature. This will show your co-workers that you are not available for a call and that they must take a message for you.

Features can increase workplace productivity

These features among many other features can begin to increase the efficiency of your workplace, which will create a more enjoyable environment for all employees. Check out more features of VoIP service within our CloudSpan MarketPlace.

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