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Hi! My name is Brian Hyrek, and I am here to help you with all of your VoIP needs!

Trusted VoIP Consultant. Motorcycle Enthusiast. Pizza Aficionado. Musician.

Hey, Hows it going? Thank You for taking the time to read a bit about me. I have been a passionate member of the awesome team at VoIP Supply for nearly 10 years. Solution providing for communication needs with personal attention and care, is what I feel very strongly about. Attention to every last detail of your needs, rapid responsiveness, earned dependability is how I fit into the truly unique VoIP Supply culture and vision.

Need some assistance in acquiring a proven solution for your communication needs? I can use my trusted and tested expertise to help you find a successful solution, the first time around.

Please feel free to drop me a line or give me a ring, and I will help you put together your VoIP solution today. I specialize in solutions for Integrators, Resellers, and Service Providers.


  • Cisco Small Business Certification
  • Polycom Voice/Video Certifications
  • Trixbox Certifications
  • Digium Sales Certified
  • Switchvox Certification
  • Axis Network Video Fundamentals
  • Certified 3CX Reseller
  • Xorcom Certified Reseller

In-house Trainings

  • Ploycom
  • Sangoma
  • Grandstream
  • Yealink
  • Digium
  • Aastra Solutions
  • Xorcom
  • 3CX Reseller Trainings
  • Edgewater Networks
  • Mobotix
  • FreePBX
  • Nextiva
  • Broadvoice
  • Digium Cloud Solutions


  • VoIP Supply Quarter Club


Lust for life! I am interested in Music (playing, recording, listening), History, Sports (Hockey and Boxing are my favorites), Motorcycles, Traveling (have been through many parts of Europe).

Questions on Brian Hyrek

From richard at 4/3/2014 8:00 PM

Q: I need a phone to use with my google voice account. Can you explain how it works to me?

A: This is from Google:

Make calls with Google Voice

To make a call from the Google Voice page

Go to Google Voice.
On the top left of the page, click Call.
Type a contact’s name or phone number.
Choose the phone number you want to use for that call and click Connect. Google Voice will call you at that phone and connect you to the number you dialed.
How to use your own Google number to make a call

If you’d like to make a call from a different phone number but want to make your Google Voice number show up on the caller ID, you can use own Google number to place the call.

Call your own Google number.
Press 2.
Enter the number you want to call.
Press the pound # key.
You can also make calls from Google Contacts

Click Google Contacts on the left side of the Google Voice window.
Click on any contact whose phone number you have saved in Google Contacts.
Hover over their phone number.
Click the phone icon next to their number. Remember, if your contact has an international phone number you need to add a "+" and the country code. For example: +33 123456789.

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From atef yamin at 7/14/2014 8:00 PM

Q: I just purchased Snom PA1 unit. I need the UC edition firmware for it but it is no where to be found. Can you please point me to right direction where can I download it?

A: UC Firmware should be snom-SIP 8.8.x.x. If the Firmware-Version is reporting 8.7.x.x or lower, then it is not UC Edition firmware and will need to be updated.

Here is the link to Snom PA1 UC Edition:

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From Arek at 7/16/2014 8:00 PM

Q: SMB scenario: Three separate physical networks (data, voip, surveillance).

Deciding between dedicated DSL Voip or shared cable internet connection. Number of users around 10. Currently cable connection specs are 120M down and 10M up (5 static IPs). Cable connection should be able to handle Voip without issues. Redundancy not a concern at the moment. First Voip setup for us, would be good to have experts opinion :)

A: You have plenty of bandwidth external. Do you have Gigabit switch internal? You probably wont need gigabit, but it cant hurt. The most bandwidth intensive traffic is video though, so you may want to prioritize the VoIP traffic 1st, Video 2nd, data 3rd.

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From Carlos yu at 8/10/2014 8:00 PM

Q: I'd like to buy a
Hardware necessary to connect my asterisk now server to POTS line and also use my legacy telephones; unless there is a better way; thanks

A: What you need is a VoIP gateway with FSX and FXO ports. I will send this to our Sales Team for you.

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Customer Reviews

(Submitted on 11/30/2016) | by Jeri

Best Salesperson In the Industry
:I have always been satisfied when ordering your product. This is the first RMA we have had and was very satisfied with the response and the fact that you supplied a shipping label for the returned product. Brian Hyrek is one of the best salespeople I have dealt with in this industry. Thanks Jeri

(Submitted on 1/2/2013) | by Surf Air

Going into the phone call I knew very little about VoIP conference phone. I told Brian what I needed and what my budget was. He was able to send me a link right away to my email with a very affordable option. He did not right away send me the most expensive option. He was very enjoyable to have on the other end of the phone as well. Great guy, great customer service. I will be calling back for the rest of our airline needs.

(Submitted on 2/28/2012) | by The guy in Chicago

Excellent Resource
His help was great, his knowledge superior, and his sense of humor unmatched. Thanks for the help man, I will be calling you guys again.

(Submitted on 11/11/2011) | by JoshS

Great person to work with
I have been working with Brian for about 3 years now and I have to say that not only is his service absolutey awesome but that Brian goes the extra mile to keep his customers informed of new products, specials, etc. It is always great to open my mailbox and see that Brian has kept in touch with me by sending out monthly new information of products that I may be interested in and to deliver it in such a way that I have interpretted it as a hand crafted selection of products specific to my needs.

Brian, your great at what you do. Keep it up.


(Submitted on 10/28/2011) | by Kat

Excellent Customer Service
I am very impressed with the service provided by Brian. I always know that if I leave a message the call will be returned, unfortunately I cannot say this about every company we work with. Brian gets the paperwork and the equipment turned around fast and I don't worry that there might be a problem somewhere along the way. Just based on Brian's customer service alone, I rate VoIP Supply as a top-notch company and will recommend VoIP to everyone.

Thank you, Brian, for all you do, the way you do!

(Submitted on 9/30/2011) | by Glen

Brian did a great job on my 1st order so when I needed more, I called Brian again. Smooth transaction.

(Submitted on 7/20/2011) | by Randy

Very responsive
Brian got back with me quickly and confirmed the order, so I didn't have to wonder whether it would be taken care of. It's my first time doing business with him but was very pleased.

(Submitted on 7/6/2011) | by Joe

Great Service
Brian is the best. He will always get my business

(Submitted on 6/16/2011) | by Daniel K.

Very helpful!
Brian is very knowledgeable and extremely helpful! He listens to your requirements and then recommends a product which meets and exceeds them all!

(Submitted on 5/12/2011) | by Chasity

Good :)
Brian helped me so much with the order that I placed today. Very Good Customer Service techniques!! Thanks

(Submitted on 5/10/2011) | by La'Maze

Just what I needed!
Delivered just what I needed for a fair price. Would work with again.

(Submitted on 5/3/2011) | by Debbie

Enjoyed working with Brian
Brian was very helpful and easy to work with

(Submitted on 4/29/2011) | by lters

Prompt Quotes/Orders
Enjoy working with Brian.
He comes highly recommened.

(Submitted on 4/5/2011) | by Dean Maynard

Brian gives good phone
It's great working with Brian. He's detailed, helpful and follows through. I'm very plased. Way to go!

(Submitted on 3/31/2011) | by friendge

Knowledgeable - Efficient
Talked to Brian about a SCCP phone and he was very knowledgeable. More importantly to me, I was able to get on the phone, get my questions answered, get off the phone, and move on to the next client. Thanks!

(Submitted on 3/29/2011) | by PEG

I found this transaction to be easy and had no problem understanding exactly what I was purchasing and when delivery would occur. Very Happy.

(Submitted on 3/28/2011) | by Louie

Awesome Service
Awesome job today Brian! thanks for your patience.

(Submitted on 3/18/2011) | by Damon Rutherford

Excellent Service
We are a VoIP Service provider and looking for a new source of Cisco hardware. Just spoke with Brian and he offered excellent service and gave me exactly what was required. We made an immediate pourchase and will definitely be using VoIP supply in future.
Thanks for your help Brian - Excellent service!

(Submitted on 3/4/2011) | by JLieu

Excellent advice
Brian been very helpful and help me answered all my question I had for him and gave me a really good advice, this is my 2nd time placing an order from VOIP Supply. I am sure we will continue to do business in the future.

(Submitted on 3/4/2011) | by crnetsol

very good service
very good service

(Submitted on 3/3/2011) | by JCirocco

Most helpful and courteous
I placed my first order with VOIP Supply and wanted to pass on how friendly, professional and helpful Brian was. I am sure we will continue to do business in the future.

(Submitted on 3/3/2011) | by Kay

Very helpful
Brian has been assisting us for a couple of years now. He is very helpful to me in offering solutions for our company. I appreciate Brian and VoIP Supply!

(Submitted on 3/1/2011) | by RyanF

I've been working with Brian since 2008. He always takes time to brainstorm, discuss product lines, facilitate RMA's & questions for engineering, deliver quotes, and submit orders extremely quickly and professionally. About a year and a half ago, our company actually considered doing business with a different VoIP distributor, but stayed put almost solely due to Brian's customer service, level of knowledge & professionalism in handling our account. It's definately been a pleasure working with him over the past few years and I look forward to continuing to work with him as our company grows.

(Submitted on 3/1/2011) | by Matrix

Brian was very helpful, quick to responding with quotes and delivery of product!

(Submitted on 2/23/2011) | by BobD

Excellent advice
I had an outstanding phone consultation with Brian; he listened to my needs, and offered 2 powerful alternatives.
Friendly and knowledgeable, what a combo!