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Cisco Smart Business Communication System - UC500 Series (Discontinued)

The Cisco UC500 has been discontinued by the manufacturer. For more information or if you have questions, please call 800.398.8647.
Solution Overview

Cisco Smart Business Communication System - UC500 Series (Discontinued)

Cisco Unified Communications 500 Series for Small Business supports:

  • Voice: Use advanced communications capabilities including telephone call processing, voicemail, automated attendant, and conferencing functions to respond to customers faster and save money on long-distance charges
  • Video: Conduct face-to-face meetings through video calls with Cisco Unified Video Advantage (requires Cisco USB Camera)
  • Wireless: Help employees be more productive and collaborate better through access to applications and information from anywhere they work
  • Productivity: Integrate with existing desktop productivity applications such as calendar, email, and customer relationship management programs
  • Secure Routing: Reduce business risks associated with viruses and other security threats

Get an advanced phone system that expands as your business grows and changes, without a lot of capital expense.

Cisco UC500 Features:

  • Telephone call processing
  • Integrated voicemail and automated attendant
  • Support for up to 104 phones in multiple locations
  • Integrated business productivity applications
  • Basic call center capabilities
  • Support for music on hold
  • Integrated wireless access (UC540 only)
  • Full functionality for remote staff and teleworkers
  • Integrated voicemail to email capabilities
  • Support for integrated video calls
  • Fax to email capabilities
  • Single-number reach functionality between desk phone, softphones, remote or teleworker phones, and mobile phones

Step 2 - Configure Base System to User Count

If you have chosen the UC540 base system, your system ships with 24 user licenses (max 32). If you have chosen the UC560, your system ships with 24 user licenses (max 104 users). You must order additional licenses for additional users. They are sold in packs of 8 and are e-delivered.

Step 3 - Add Appropriate Expansion Modules

If you need additional FXS, FXO, or T1 modules, you have an open VIC slot in the UC500 chassis to add them. The VIC3 FXS modules add 2 or 4 additional FXS ports and DID support to your system. The VIC2 FXO modules add 2 or 4 additional FXO ports for PSTN access. The VWIC modules add 1 or 2 T1/E1 slots to your chassis. Please note that these T1/E1's support ISDN PRI and CAS only, they do not support data.

Step 4 - Choose Phones

This is where you choose which Cisco phones you will be integrating into your Cisco Smart Business Communication System. For general office use where the user is on the phone less than 2 hours a day, The Cisco SPA303, SPA504, or SPA508 is a good choice. For high phone volume office workers who do a lot of transfering, the SPA509G is is a good choice because of its 12 line appearances. You can add up to 2 SPA500S to any SPA5xx phone to add 32 additional buttons (per SPA500S). For executive or managers, the Cisco SPA525G2 offers all the features you would want including a large, color LCD display, 5 line appearances, USB and Bluetooth support, and WiFi connection for using anywhere the office WLAN reaches. The SPA301 and SPA502 are ideal for common areas like lobbies or kitchens where a phone may be desired for very light use.

Still Step 4 - More Phones

Do you need any additional phones? Maybe different models than what you chose above?

And Still Step 4 - More Phones or SideCars

Did you need a Cisco SPA500S sidecar or any other types of Cisco Phones?

Step 5 - Switching

If you are using more than 8 IP Phones you will need a switch. Cisco recommends the ESW520 (10/100) or ESW540 (10/100/1000) series switches with the Smart Business Communication System. When using Cisco IP Phones, you should get a PoE enabled switch since the phones are all PoE enabled and do not ship with power supplies.

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