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ClearOne MaxAttach IP

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The ClearOne MaxAttach IP allows you to daisy chain up to 4 Max IP conference phones in any configuration to allow the best coverage. This bundle includes one MaxIP base unit, one MaxIP expansion unit, power supply and base. Read More

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MaxAttach IP
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ClearOne MaxAttach IP 910-158-370-00

The ClearOne MaxAttach IP is the ClearOne Max IP with one expansion unit providing a total of 6 microphones and 2 speakers. You can separate the 2 units and use them in different locations when necessary with the purchase of an additional power supply. The MaxAttach IP is an ideal solution to large conference rooms or U shaped conference tables. The MaxAttach IP allows you to bring not only microphone but also speakers and dial control to more users and atypical conference table configurations.

ClearOne MaxAttach IP Product Overview

The MaxAttach IP is the industry's first fully expandable SIP-based VoIP tabletop conference phone. The MaxAttach IP and Max IP audio conferencing phones deliver unrivaled audio clarity and room coverage for your VoIP phone system. With ClearOne's advanced audio processing technologies, advanced SIP features, and the ability to daisy chain up to 4 conference phones, ClearOne MaxAttach IP delivers outstanding audio conferencing value.

ClearOne MaxAttach IP Features and Benefits

Superior Audio Performance
  • High-quality full duplex sound enables participants to speak and listen at the same time without cutting in and out.
  • Distributed Echo Cancellation┬« effectively eliminates echo
  • Noise cancellation removes background noises from fans or HVAC systems
  • Automatic level controls keep participants' audio balanced and consistent
  • First-mic priority eliminates hollow "tunnel" sound by activating only the microphone closest to the person speaking
  • Three microphones provide 360┬░ audio pickup

  • MAXAttach IP comes with two phones and can expand up to four complete linked phones
  • Linked phones provide multiple loudspeakers, multiple microphones, and multiple dial pads for unrivaled room coverage

SIP Feature Set
  • Connect to a wide variety of SIP platforms
  • VLAN tagging allows for bandwidth management & secure separation of voice & data networks
  • 3-way calling allows for ad-hoc conferences without need for conference bridge
  • TLS & SRTP encryption-ready (with future release of firmware upgrade) - secures voice communications over the network

Ease of Use & Control
  • Field upgradeable for easy access to latest features
  • User-friendly telephone style controls
  • Selectable ringtones
  • Linked MAX IP phones can be operated using the dial pad of any phone - dialing, mute, volume controls, etc.