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CyberData Devices with RingCentral 

As a leading cloud communications solution provider, RingCentral provides an open platform that easily integrates with a host of business apps and 3rd party devices. 

CyberData's SIP enabled endpointsintegrate seamlessly with RingCentral, providing an efficient notification solution that ensures safety for your on-site staff, customers, guests, patients, students and more! 

Download this guide to learn about Configuring CyberData Paging and Intercom Systems for Use with RingCentral Office


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  1. CyberData 011508 Remote Call Button

    SKU: 02-128469

    The CyberData 011508 allows you to make a call to a predefined phone number when connected to a CyberData Talk-Back Speaker
  2. CyberData 011478 SIP h.264 Outdoor Video Intercom

    SKU: 02-127709

    The CyberData 011478 SIP h.264 Video Outdoor Intercom with RFID is ideal for secure access settings that require RFID access control, video, and two-way communication.
  3. CyberData 011308 InformaCast® Enabled Indoor Intercom with Keypad

    SKU: 02-127041

    The CyberData 011308 InformaCast Enabled Indoor Intercom with Keypad - Flush Mount can receive InformaCast notification messages, deliver two-way communication and provide secure access control for your VoIP phone system.
  4. CyberData 011489 InformaCast Enabled Outdoor RGB Strobe

    SKU: 02-127039

    The CyberData 011489 InformaCast Enabled Outdoor RGB Strobe operates as an IP66 rated visual alerting device.
  5. CyberData 011432 Key Fobs (Packet of 10)

    SKU: 02-127035

    The CyberData 011432 high-security RFID Cards and Key Fobs are available in 10-packs. These 10-packs are sold separately as an accessory to the CyberData RFID-enhanced SIP-enabled Secure Access Control Devices.
  6. CyberData 011446 Multicast VoIP Microphone

    SKU: 02-125425

    The CyberData 011446 Multicast Microphone is a device that allows the user, while pressing the "Page" button, to broadcast a live or buffered announcements directly to VoIP audio endpoints that support Multicast. This PoE-powered product is perfect for immediate live paging in schools, retail stores and manufacturing environments.
  7. CyberData 011471 IP66 Outdoor Analog Horn

    SKU: 02-125155

    The CyberData 011471 is a heavy duty horn that solves your outdoor IP paging needs. This outdoor analog horn is ideal for warehouses, manufacturing plants, garages, and even areas that require a loud paging device.
  8. CyberData 011472 Singlewire Informacast IP66 Outdoor Horn

    SKU: 02-124736

    The CyberData 0114720 Singlewire InformaCast IP66 Outdoor Horn provides an easy method for implementing a loud IP-based overhead paging system for loud areas, warehouses, manufacturing areas, and outdoor areas.
  9. CyberData 011201 Ceiling Auxiliary Analog Tile Drop-In Speaker

    SKU: 02-116705

    The CyberData 011201 is an Analog Auxiliary Speaker. This Drop-In Auxiliary Speaker is an option for the CyberData SIP Speaker to extend the coverage area. The "Drop-In" design combines easy installation with a streamlined look.
  10. CyberData 011200 Syn-Apps Ceiling Tile Drop-In Speaker

    SKU: 02-116704

    The CyberData 011200 is a PoE VoIP drop-in Syn-Apps enabled ceiling Speaker that connects into your network with a Cat5 cable for public address capabilities.

Items 31 to 40 of 70 total

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