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  1. VTech VCS754 ErisStation SIP Conference Phone with Wireless Mics

    SKU: 02-119012

    The VTech ErisStation SIP Conference Phone is the first ever SIP conferencing unit from Vtech. Providing wireless microphones, a central, full-duplex speakerphone base, as well as the highest level of HD voice quality, the ErisStation SIP Conference Unit can meet the needs of any SMB or Enterprise level business.
  2. VTech/AT&T VCS752 - ErisStation SIP Conference phone with two (2) wireless mics

    SKU: 02-123509

    Whether you run a small business from a home office, or collaborate in a large conference room, the VTech ErisStation SIP conference phone uses Bluetooth® and DECT 6.0 technology for frustration-free calls and meetings. The VCS752 allows callers to speak and be heard at the same time, just as they would in a face-to-face meeting.

  3. VTech VSP736 ErisTerminal SIP Deskset

    SKU: 02-123710

    The VTech VSP736 ErisTerminal SIP Deskset supports 6 SIP accounts and features 16 key sand 32 programmable functions. The VSP736 also features DECT 60. technology allowing it to be paired with a DECT wireless handset or headset.
  4. VTech VSP726 ErisTerminal SIP Deskset

    SKU: 02-123711

    VTech's VSP726 ErisTerminal SIP Deskset is a 4-line IP Phone with 12 keys and 24 programmable functions. It features built-in DECT 6.0 that allows pairing with a DECT wireless handset or headset.
  5. VTech VCS850 ErisStation SIP DECT Expansion Wireless Speakerphone

    SKU: 02-123961

    VTech's VCS850 is an accessory speakerphone to be used with VTech's VCS752 ErisStation SIP Conference Phone. The VCS850 SIP DECT Expansion Wireless Microphone helps you increase the number of active participants on a call. You can add up to three VCS850's per one VCS752 conference phone.

5 Item(s)

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