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Edgewater EdgeMarc 4800 series SBC

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Solution Overview

Edgewater EdgeMarc 4800 series SBC


The Edgewater EdgeMarc 4800 series ESBC is the ideal solution for any high capacity broadband network access requirements. This enterprise session border controller (ESBC) is a part of the EdgeMarc 4800 series and is able to specifically accommodate 100 concurrent sessions.  

Edgewater EdgeMarc 4800 Series ESBC 

The EdgeMarc 4800 combines advanced real-time, high availability, management, networking, security features, and capabilities for voice and data services into a single, easy to use enterprise session border controller that guarantees to deliver superior performance. The EdgeMarc 4800 delivers superior performance for multiple simultaneous services including voice, voice quality monitoring, traffic management, high capacity data throughput and firewall and is ideal for small to medium business.

Edgewater EdgeMarc 4800 Series Features and Functions

  • Supports 10-500 concurrent sessions
  • Voice service are licenced per session and upgraded as needed  
  • ALG/B2BUA  
  • NAT for SIP  
  • SIP registration pacing
  • Softswitch redundancy  
  • Proxy mode • Multi-homed proxy mode 
  • Transparent proxy mode • 
  • Configuration backup/restore • 
  • Remote upgrades (FTP) • 
  • Licence upgrade • 
  • Health monitor/report •
  •  MOS monitor/report for LAN & WAN • 
  • TCPdump
  • Traceroute, Ping, Syslo

Edgewater EdgeMarc 4800 Series Benefits

  • Reduce telecom costs for SIP trunking and IP telephony business services.
  • High performance, compact, secure, and integrated VoIP platform for SMB Applications.
  • Scalable platform supporting up to 500 concurrent calls and 2,000 registered devices.
  • Scalable configuration based on session license and field upgradable as business need grows.
  • Connect branch/remote offices via service VPN tunnels.
  • Continuous connectivity through high availability, link redundancy, and survivability access.
  • Supports IPv4 and IPv6
  • 2 WAN X 10/100/1000 Mpbs

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Choose your model EdgeMarc 4800 Router based on how many maximum concurrent WAN calls you would like to have NOW. You can always upgrade at a later time (up tp 100) with an EdgeMarc license upgrade.

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