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Jabra GN1200

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Jabra GN1200 Smart Cord Universal Cable

The Jabra GN1200 cord is the solution to a common problem of not being able to connect headset and telephone. Even though most things have been standardized, the cord connecting the phone with the handset or headset is anything but standard as each telephone manufacturer has its own wiring code. Now, with the universal 'smart' cord, Jabra GN1200, the cord will work with virtually any phone providing greater convenience.

Jabra GN1200 Smart Cord Universal Cable Overview

When hooking up a new headset there is not always a dial tone. The problem could be the headset or the telephone? But chances are it is the cord. Even though the headset and telephone may be plug-compatible, the wiring is determined by the individual telephone manufacturer. Jabra GN1200 features eight separate wire schemes - including three with built-in microphone amplification. Just connect the Jabra GN1200 and headset through the Quick Disconnect plug and flick the slider from one position to the next until a dial tone is heard.

Jabra GN1200 Features and Functions

  • Works with most desk phones including IP hard phones

  • Microphone amplification to boost transmit levels when connecting to low transmit volume phone systems

  • Simple slide adjustment for easy setup

Jabra GN1200

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Questions on Jabra GN1200

From John White at 12/1/2014 7:00 PM

Q: I have a Polycom phone which does not have the basic plug in headset hole, it has a space where the headset connector looks like a phone line do I need an adapter and if so will this one work?

A: You did not specify the model of Polycom phone so I'm unsure, but go to this site and put in your phone model and it will tell you what you need. Alternatively, you can call our sales staff at 1-800-398-8647.

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