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Grandstream GXE5024 (Discontinued)

The Grandstream GXE5024 has been discontinued. VoIP Supply recommends the Grandstream UCM6204 as a replacement option.
The Grandstream GXE5024 IP-PBX appliance is the next generation in converged business communication systems. It's a powerful all-in-one voice + fax + video + data communication solution for the small to medium sized business (SMB), especially companies with sub-30 seat location. Read More
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Grandstream GXE5024 VoIP Appliance

Grandstream's IP-PBX product segment consists of the GXE5024 and GXE5028. The Grandstream GXE5024 appliance is a powerful all-in-one voice video fax data communication solution for the small to medium sized business, especially companies with sub-30 seats per location. The GXE5024 takes modern business communication systems to a heightened level of innovation, quality, reliability, ease of deployment and affordability.

Grandstream GXE5024 VoIP Appliance Overview

The Grandstream GXE5024 is based on SIP standard and offers an integrated solution for unified voice, data, fax, and video communications for the sub-50 seat business making it a direct competitor to Asterisk, trixbox and SwitchVox. The GXE5024 VoIP appliance integrates a number of key functions in a single stylish and compact 26.5cmx17.5cmx4cm form factor: SIP server supporting up to 100 extensions and 50 simultaneous calls per system, high performance data router with dual 10M/100M network ports and integrated PoE 802.3af, 4 or 8-port PSTN FXO trunk gateway, 2 telephone/FAX FXS ports with lifeline capability in case of power outage, virtually unlimited SIP trunking accounts, fax termination server that automatically converts incoming faxes into PDF files for email delivery or secure storage, unified messaging for voice mail up to 120 hours, fax mail up to 10,000 fax pages, and video mail up to 4 hours, session border controller for automated NAT traversal, and up to 4 conference bridges that allows up to 20 concurrent participants.

Designed from ground up to support distributed IP communications, intelligent unified messaging, advanced application integration and popular PBX features, the Grandstream GXE5024 product family also optimally integrates legacy PSTN trunk and telephone interfaces for fail-safe hybrid communication needs in all circumstances including power or network loss.

Grandstream GXE5024 Features and Functions

  • Integrated high performance data router with advanced voice/video QoS support Integrated legacy PSTN trunks, analog phone/FAX ports and unlimited SIP trunk options
  • Integrated session border controller SBC for NAT/firewall traversal and secure telecommuting
  • Integrated conference bridges that allow any combination of IP or PSTN calls using any codecsbuilt-in transcoding
  • Unified messaging including voicemail-to-email, fax-to-email and video-to-email pending
  • Power and network failure survivability and recovery; Integrated PoE 802.3af
  • Support true and local emergency call routing in all circumstances
  • Automated detection and provisioning of IP phones, video phones, ATA and other endpoints for easy deployment
  • Rich PBX features such as presence, shared line appearance, call park and pickup, call queue, ACD, intercom and paging, ring group, customizable auto attendant and IVR, personal music-on-hold, branch office system peering
  • Hardware accelerated encryption engine to ensure strongest security protection using SRTP and TLS
  • Personal Web portal to manage individual phone/call setting, personal greeting, new or saved voice/fax/video messages for each extension user
  • Flexible dial plan, call routing and call recording pending

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Grandstream GXE5024 VoIP Appliance

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Why Pay $799.99 for the Grandstream GXE5024 (Discontinued)?

  • Integrated high performance data router with advanced voice/video QoS support

  • Integrated legacy PSTN trunks, analog phone/FAX ports & unlimited SIP trunk options

  • Unified messaging including voicemail-to-email, fax-to-email and video-to-email

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Questions on Grandstream GXE5024 (Discontinued)

From Alejandro at 9/22/2014 8:00 PM

Q: Hi,
How config QoS GXE5024 ???


A: Although the GXE5024 does have Qos built-in, there are no user changeable settings for Qos. If the device is also used as a router, the voice traffic will automatically be given priority. This device is also end-of-life and is no longer supported by Grandstream.

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From gz at 11/4/2015 7:00 PM

Q: I have a grandstream gxe5024 ippbx
Is it possible to configure it only as voice/ip but the adsl will be configured on another router..

Please advise
thanks a lot

A: Hi Gz,

The PBX can act as a stand along system without doing any kind of routing.

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Customer Reviews

(Submitted on ) | by

Amazing for the price
Very stable, highly configurable, fully featured, amazing value and in such a small package.
Only used it with very small businesses of up to 6 users...
Price needs to remain very low to keep it attractive...

(Submitted on ) | by

Poor value
Everything else was fine but twice now it crashed and could not be restarted. It had to be replaced. It's really just a waste of time for me when a product crashes and the only solution is to return it to the manufacturer for a new one which will crash in another 6 weeks. Poor bargain. I think the problem lies in its power adaptors they are not quite resilient for the kind of power problems I have in my location (Nigeria). I have gone of the Grandstream ippbx market am looking for another sturdier crash-recoverable solution.

(Submitted on ) | by

Excellent bargain
Overall it does what it says very well. However I noted two limitations

1. It will not accept another DHCP server for the IP phones/soft phones, this seriously limits it's integration with an existing network (well I used an older version I believe this may have been addressed by now).

2. It crashed after a month and I had no way of restarting it (the restart button couldn't help) except to return and I received a prompt replacement.

(Submitted on ) | by

Does the job
The IP-PBX is an ok product. I found a few benefits such as fast booting and compact size compared to its software counterpart which loads slower and might take up to a full-sized PC. Another grandstream advantage is that it comes with tiny 110-240v adaptors, a major advantage for equipment that I have to install overseas.

On concern is that after the firmware update, a few menu items did not work as expected. We ignored it since all other functions were stable.

One disadvantage is Fax detection from FXO line available only in Auto-Attendant mode. So if you use only a hunt-group to ring, you cannot receive fax through fxo. So the client was forced to use auto-attendant. Hopefully this feature will be fixed in next firmware.

Another disadvantage is having to go through 4 different menus in order to setup dialing rules (extensions, profiles, authorization profiles and fxo trunk menus). So it was easy to miss one of them. Apparently this is supposed to make the system programming more flexible (and less user-friendly).

All-in-all, in terms of price this machine is highly recommended for small businesses for ok quality and excellent price.

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