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Accessories for your VoIP headset

Whether its a headset lifter, an electronic hookswitch cable for your wireless headset or a replacement ear cushion, VoIP Supply has a great selection of VoIP headset accessories from Jabra, Plantronics, VXI, and many others.

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  1. Jabra 8800-01-46

    SKU: 02-117768

  2. Jabra 14101-59 Ear Cushions for Jabra Pro 9400

    SKU: 02-123534

    Large Leather Cushions 9400s 10 pk
  3. Jabra Supervisor cord with mute (8800-02-01)

    SKU: 02-123914

    The Jabra Supervisor Cord connects two Jabra Quick Disconnect headsets to the desk phone, so that supervisor resources can be deployed easily to manage more complex customer conversations or for training purposes.
  4. Jabra 260-09 Standard Headset Adapter

    SKU: 02-127652

    Jabra Standard Headset Adapter 260-09
  5. Jabra 14101-45 Foam Ear Cushions for Evolve 20, 30, 40 & 65

    SKU: 02-128160

    Jabra ear cushions for Jabra Evolve 20, 30, 40, & 65
  6. Jabra Busylight Indicator 14207-10

    SKU: 02-109608

    The Jabra Busylight 14201-10 sends off a red light signal whenever you are on the phone that politely tells your colleagues that you are busy. The Jabra Busylight is compatible with the Jabra GN9300 Series, Jabra PRO 9400 Series, Jabra LINK 850 and Jabra Motion Office.
  7. Jabra 2.5mm to QD 8800-00-46

    SKU: 02-109602

    The Jabra 8800-00-46 is a 2.5mm to QD dongle for mobile phones to connect to Jabra headsets.
  8. Jabra Link 220a

    SKU: 02-113962

    The Jabra Link 220a turns any Jabra corded headset into a softphone friendly headset. The Link 220a cord allows you to connect any Jabra QD (quick disconnect) headset to a PC or Mac via USB.
  9. JABRA Direct Connect Cord QD-RJ9 8800-00-01

    SKU: 02-123132

    Jabra Quick Disconnect (QD) Straight Bottom Cord, 0.5 meter

Items 1 to 10 of 24 total

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