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    Jabra QD to RJ-9 Direct Connect Coiled Cord
  2. Plantronics 64279-02

    SKU: 02-114699


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    Plantronics-64279-02 Cisco SPA VoIP Phones 2.5mm to Quick-Disconnect Adapter Cable
  3. Plantronics APC-45

    SKU: 02-115225

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    Plantronics APC-45 for Cisco 500 IP phones (87317-01)
  4. GN Netcom GN1216

    SKU: 02-115617

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    QD to RJ-9 Adapter, Avaya 9600 and 1600 series Straight Cord (88001-03)
  5. Plantronics APD-80

    SKU: 02-116694

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    It's an EHS cable for Grandstream for CS500 and Savi
  6. Plantronics APS-11

    SKU: 02-116699

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    APS-11 Compatible with Aastra 67XX and 53XX series phones (37818-11)
  7. Sennheiser CCEL 191

    SKU: 02-116751

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    The Sennheiser CCEL 191 is a dect / GSM cable for EasyDisconnect with 20 cm cable to 2.5mm 3-pole jack. For use with a Sennheiser CC or SH headset to a DECT and GSM phone with 2.5mm 3-pole jack.
  8. VXI QD 1096V

    SKU: 02-116876

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    Quick Disconnect 2.5 mm right angle plug for Cisco 7920 IP phones and Nokia cell phones
  9. VXi HGT Adapter

    SKU: 02-116884

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    HGT Cord (202207)
  10. Sennheiser CSTD24

    SKU: 02-116940

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    Standard Bottom Cable, Easy Disconnect to Modular Plug, Coiled Cable: can also be used for Direct Connect

Items 1 to 10 of 67 total