Hosted VoIP Service is the choice for you!

No IT Staff Needed - Allow your provider to handle any tasks that a typical staff would fulfill

No More Old Telephone Lines - There is no need for your old telephone provider

Low Startup Costs - With a minimal need for hardware there is lower costs to get started


Focus on your business and let us handle the phone system

Hosted VoIP solutions remove the burden of maintaining, monitoring, managing, and worrying about your VoIP phone system by placing those responsibilities on an off-site, third party service provider. Maybe that sounds too good to be true but there's no catch. You simply house and maintain your own desktop VoIP Phones and the Hosted PBX provider delivers your PBX services over the Cloud and through your Internet connection.

Just some of the benefits are:

  • Low hardware costs because the majority of the physical equipment is hosted off-site at a separate location
  • Leave the maintenance/upkeep/support to to the provider
  • Automatic upgrades and customer service are not on your plate. You keep growing business and doing what you do best

With a hosted VoIP phone system you and your employees can collaborate much more freely. With the ability to access your phone system from anywhere it will greatly increase your company's efficiency and productivity.

Unified Communications brings freedom to your office

We all know very well that sometimes things come up in our daily lives that we need to leave the office at inopportune times during the day. With Unified Communications (UC) features such as video calling, chat, presence, remote works and many more you’re able to stay in touch wherever you may be.

Manage Your Communications Everywhere

Utilizing your UC platforms allows you to have access outside the office.

  • Manage your dashboard from anywhere with an internet connection
  • Identify and solve any problems or issues in real time
  • Manage call traffic with minimal effort remotely from your dashboard

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