How Much Does Video Conferencing Cost?

There is a Video Conferencing solution for any budget. I know that sounds like a cheesy sales strategy to get you hooked with a bait-and-switch – this time it is absolutely true. Do not let the fear of the cost keep you from growing your business through the employment of Video Conferencing.

If you are still considering which Video Conferencing solution to choose, take a look at the entry, “Types of Video Conferencing Systems,” and do some research to determine which solution best fits your company’s communications needs. While in the research stage, you really should not worry about financing.

Your options range from a desktop-based solution for $100 per user up to a fully immersive Telepresence solution for $100K+. Most companies will fall somewhere in the middle. There are three main manufacturers in the game – Cisco (Tandberg), Polycom, and LifeSize. These three options all have similar product offerings, and are positioned in the market in a manner where market position, perceived quality, and price all correlate.

With the advances in technology, Video Conferencing has become affordable for everyone. No longer is this communication reserved for the Fortune 500 – now even mom-and-pop shops can incorporate video as an integral part of business communications.

Okay, so you know what you want - now it is time to consider your options on how to pay for it. There are many options on how to pay for your new Video Conferencing swag.

Try Before You Buy

The Video Conferencing arena has become very competitive, and many manufacturers want to embellish your need by getting the product in your hands. The concept is similar to the new puppy strategy you may have employed as the “good parent.” The idea is you bring home the potential pet and let the family fall in love. Your parental counterpart will find it nearly impossible to bring Fido back after your kids have already named him.

Similarly, Video Conferencing manufacturers want you to use their products so that you fall in love with the technology before you have to make that financial commitment. The benefits include the ability to run tests on your network and have a chance to work out the kinks before you jump-in. Also, you can gauge the enthusiasm of your team and estimate the potential use of the products.

Credit Card

This is a pretty standard thought, and there are lots of perks available when using a credit card. Your corporate credit card may offer cash back, bonus points, frequent flyer miles, or other gains that may relieve other business expenditures to make more room in your budget for purchasing a Video Conferencing system. Don’t forget that your credit card repayment plan may have a built-in long-term pay schedule that will allow you more time to satisfy the debt.

Net 30

With Net 30 terms, you can purchase your Video Conferencing equipment and take a thirty-day reprieve to make the payment in full. Although it is not a great length of time, thirty days may be all you need to accommodate the purchase in your corporate budget. Most tech firms will extend credit to their qualified customers. Not everyone will qualify for this option – many start-ups will not have corporate credit and many have to make a personal guarantee.


Many businesses are concerned about the high capital expense of new technology. You should consider moving the large capital expenditure into an operating expenditure with leasing options. Everyone has financed something at some point – and most can agree that a monthly payment is more palatable than a huge one-time bill. There are different options in leasing including the traditional lease-to-own or the Fair Market Value lease where you can pay what it is worth at the end or turn-in your equipment for the latest and greatest available.

Tax Deductions

Everyone’s favorite enemy has become the tech-savvy business new BFF. IRS Section 179 has made it possible for businesses to create their own 2012 tax break and get a jump on emerging technology trends - such as Video Conferencing. In essence, you can deduct the full amount of your qualifying equipment – up to $139,000! There are other ways that this can work in your favor, too. For details, check-out the website or call the specialists at Video Conferencing Systems.

There are so many ways to get the Video Conferencing system that your company needs in a way that your company can afford. I hope this article has eased your investment concerns. The next steps are to contact the sales team at Video Conferencing Systems to discuss your needs and options at 1(855) 820-8006 or [email protected].