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How To Use Skype

You've downloaded Skype. Now what!?

The thing with Skype is that it does A LOT. That makes learning how to use Skype a little intimidating.

Luckily for you Skype is one of the easiest pieces of software to use.

Using Skype – A primer

To be honest you’re not going to find any detailed tutorials on how to use Skype. For that you should go to .

They’ve got lots of great information.

What you will find is an overview of what you CAN use Skype for. Skype can be used for more than just send and receiving calls as you will see in the paragraphs that follow.

Voice calls

You probably already know that you can use Skype to send and receive voice calls. With Skype you can send and receive calls from Skype users, landlines, VoIP and mobile phones.

Skype to Skype calls are always free. Other calls are charged a low rate.

Video calls

If you have a web cam and your hair done you can use Skype to send and receive high quality video calls with other Skype users. Simply select one of your Skype buddies who also has a web cam for a video call and chat all you want.

Conference calls

Forget over priced conferencing services. You can use Skype to conduct multi-party free conference calls with people using Skype and others using landline or mobile phones at the same time.

SMS messaging

Texting is not just for your mobile. You can use Skype to send and receive SMS messages across the world for low per message rates.

Simply enter the number you wish to send your SMS to and the message to be contained and Skype will make sure it arrives. Have a Skype phone number? You can use it to receive SMS messages from your Skype buddies and others!


Each Skype account comes with voicemail, so if you’re not there the calling party can leave a message. With the cost of a Skype phone number being so low, many folks use Skype as their voicemail service!


As if Skype didn’t allow you enough ways to communication, Skype fosters greater collaboration by allowing users to send and receive documents in real time. Marry this with some of the free (and paid) Skype extra’s and you can turn Skype into a lean mean collaboration machine.

There’s so much more that you can do with Skype

Using Skype for the functionality mentioned above is the primary ways that most use Skype. However there are hundreds of other features and functions that come with Skype out of the box.

That’s why the best way to learn about Skype is to download Skype and start using it yourself!

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