Dome IP Cameras

Discreet Surveillance with Dome IP Cameras

If you're looking for a discreet surveillance solution, VoIP Supply can help. With hundreds of dome IP cameras to choose from, it's possible and easy to find the perfect camera for your indoor or outdoor needs - indoor, outdoor and mobile IP dome cameras are always in stock.

From mini domes to speed domes, VoIP Supply can outfit your hospital, school, office, retail shop or parking lot. Even taxis, buses, emergency vehicles, trains, trucks and planes can be safely surveyed with the use of mobile dome cameras.

Dome IP Cameras are excellent options for unobtrusive surveillance. The dome allows the IP cameras to mount closely to the ceiling or wall, or several models can be flush mount with the use of additional kits. In areas of high vandalism, dome IP cameras are be preferable as their dome covers are easily replaceable should they be spray painted, and smoke dome covers disguise which way the camera is physically pointing.