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Indoor In-Wall IP Cameras

Indoor IP In-Wall Cameras

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Indoor IP In-Wall Cameras

About Indoor In-Wall IP Cameras

Mobotix offers multiple in-wall IP camera options to fit your special requirements. 15° Tilt Wall Mount makes it possible for users to monitor an entire room with just one single camera. You are able to record on an internal microSD card and utilize the sensors for temperature, illumination, shock detection features. Optional speaker available. Customized voice messages, audio/video, alert and Time and event control/flexible event logic keep you connected all the time!

Why buy In-Wall IP Cameras?

  • Full installation flexibility - choose the type of lens (day or night) and angle you need
  • MxAnalytics with tools such as people counting and analysis of people's behavior 
  • Bidirectional sound in browser (with audio package)


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  1. Mobotix MX-V12M-Sec-N22

    SKU: 02-110909

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    Mobotix Vandalism V12
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    Mobotix i25 is a 6 Megapixel Hemispheric Dome Camera intended for indoor use. This camera makes it possible for users to monitor an entire room (180° ) with just one single camera.
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    Mobotix c25 360° Hemispheric Camera for Suspended Ceilings is the lightest and smallest camera of its kind specifically designed for ceiling mounting in indoor areas. The three clamps attached to the camera body make installation in suspended ceilings a breeze. Providing a complete hemispheric video system, this camera features a light sensitive 6 Megapixel day or night lens.
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    Mobotix p25 Ceiling Camera with Manual Pan/ Tilt has 6 megapixel Moonlight technology for great low-light indoor environments. The camera does an excellent job adjusting to any indoor lightning situation. This competitive priced camera is the perfect security solution for indoors protection.

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