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PBX Appliances

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PBX Appliances

Appliances for Do-It-Yourself Phone Systems

Here at VoIP Supply we are aware that not every business is the same and there will be different wants/needs. We want to make sure we have the appliance for you and that is why we have partnered with the top IP PBX manufacturers in the industry.

These appliances comes with varying manufacturer warranties, but you can always add the VoIP Supply Go3 Warranty, some appliances come with a Unified Communication (UC) platform already installed and other appliances allow you choose an open source platform of your choice.

VoIP Supply can also help you with SIP Trunking options is already known as the trsuted one-stop ship for all of you name-brand hardware needs. Mirroring that effort, our mission for the CloudSpan Marketplace is to provide potential service customers with a single place to shop various cloud service offerings, in order to find the perfect match for their business's size and needs.

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    Sangoma PBXact UC 5000 Appliance. In this configuration this system will support up to 5000 user extensions. This system comes with the PBXact UC software installed and 5000 user licenses included and support for up to 1500 concurrent calls. ** 2 WEEK LEAD TIME FROM TIME OF ORDER PLACED**
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    Patton's SmartNode Branch eXchange (SNBX) is an affordable enterprise-level PBX appliance fully loaded with Windows 7 and 3CX phone systems, plug and play capability, 64 simultaneous transcoded calls, and support up to 500 extensions.
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    A Switchvox 470 Cold Spare is a fully functional appliance that can be used in the event of a primary switchvox server failure. The Cold Spare will keep you up and running until your primary server can be repaired.
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    The Switchvox 470 appliance is a standalone IP PBX with Switchvox SMB software which will accommodate up to 600 users, 150 concurrent calls, and up to 50 conference call participants. It is a fully redundant solution with mirrored HDD's and a redundant power supply.
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    The Switchvox 450 cold spare is the perfect addition to your Switchvox 450 IP PBX Appliance. The 450 cold spare is an exact duplicate in technical specs as the Switchvox 450 appliance.
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    The NetVanta 7100 is a complete IP telephony and data networking solution for business locations of up to 30 employees. This all-in-one platform includes a IP PBX, voicemail, full-featured IP router, firewall, VPN, 24-port powered (802.3af) fast Ethernet switch with Gigabit uplinks, and two expansion slots for NIM/VIMs.
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    The RenegadePBX mini is a full featured IP PBX offering up to 100 extensions and 75 concurrent SIP packed into a 3.8lbs and 11in x 9in x 3in appliance. The mini appliance offers 2 Gigs of RAM, a 24 Gig Flash memory and is pre-configured with FreePBX Open Source software.
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    The RenegadePBX mini is a full featured IP PBX offering up to 100 extensions and 75 concurrent SIP packed into a 3.8lbs and 11in x 9in x 3in appliance. The RenegadePBX mini Appliance comes configured with AsteriskNOW.
  9. RenegadePBX Pro

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    The largest PBX of the Renegade family, the RenegadePBX Pro is a 3U PBX solution that can accommodate up to 300 extension and up to 100 concurrent calls.
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    Xorcom's CompletePBX offers a selection of open based telephony systems for business users. As part of this product line, the Xorcom Spark CXS1000/NU is a non upgradable IP-PBX that provides users with a full-featured, enterprise-grade VoIP system for a max of 30 users.

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