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Appliances for Do-It-Yourself Phone Systems

Here at VoIP Supply we are aware that not every business is the same and there will be different wants/needs. We want to make sure we have the appliance for you and that is why we have partnered with the top IP PBX manufacturers in the industry.

These appliances comes with varying manufacturer warranties, but you can always add the VoIP Supply Go3 Warranty, some appliances come with a Unified Communication (UC) platform already installed and other appliances allow you choose an open source platform of your choice.

VoIP Supply can also help you with SIP Trunking options is already known as the trsuted one-stop ship for all of you name-brand hardware needs. Mirroring that effort, our mission for the CloudSpan Marketplace is to provide potential service customers with a single place to shop various cloud service offerings, in order to find the perfect match for their business's size and needs.

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  1. OpenVox MC100

    SKU: 02-123561

    MC100 Series is an upgrade version of MiniUCS, an open source asterisk-based complete IP PBX solution for SMB. With affordable price, users may easily setup their customized IP PBX.
  2. Sangoma FreePBX 400 System Appliance

    SKU: 02-124213

    Built for mid-sized enterprises and branch office locations Sangoma's FreePBX 400 is a top of the line appliance for any office looking to integrate their VoIP trunks, IP phones, and PSTN connectivity in an easy seamless manner. This will improve not only productivity but employee collaboration, both of which are key to any successful business.
  3. Yeastar S412 PBX for Small Business

    SKU: 02-124218

    The Yeastar S412 PBX is a modular VoIP PBX that packs powerful technology in a compact chassis. The S412 enhances the productivity and communication of any small business whether they are currently using an analog system or VoIP.
  4. Sangoma PBXact Appliance 100 Warm Spare

    SKU: 02-124225

    Sangoma PBXact 100 Appliance for Warm Spare setup. In this configuration, this system will support up to 100 user extensions. This system comes with the PBXact software installed and all software licenses will pull from the Master PBXact 100 system including user licenses. This system can only be used in a warm spare setup with a full PBXact 100 system.
  5. Sangoma PBXact Appliance 40 Warm Spare

    SKU: 02-124246

    Sangoma PBXact 40 Appliance for Warm Spare setup. In this configuration, this system will support up to 40 user extensions.
  6. Sangoma FreePBX 75 Appliance

    SKU: 02-124252

    Sangoma knows that different size businesses have different needs. The Sangoma FreePBX 75 addresses that for all small to mid-sized businesses and branch office locations. Giving you all the power of Sangoma's FreePBX in a size tailored just to you.
  7. Sangoma PBXact 75 Appliance

    SKU: 02-124253

    The Sangoma PBXact 75 is a premise-based appliance built for small to mid-sized enterprises looking to seamlessly integrate IP phones, VoIP trunks, PSTN connectivity while improving employee collaboration and productivity with a large suite of advanced features. PBXact 75 supports up to 75 licensed extensions and 45 simultaneous calls.
  8. Sangoma PBXact Appliance 2000

    SKU: 02-124261

    The Sangoma PBXact 2000 Appliance will support up to 5000 user extensions with 2000 user licenses included. This system comes with the PBXact software installed and 2000 user licenses included and support for up to 1500 concurrent calls. ** 2 WEEK LEAD TIME FROM TIME OF ORDER PLACED**
  9. Sangoma FreePBX Appliance 100

    SKU: 02-124362

    The FreePBX Sangoma 100 B appliance as outlined below and FreePBX Distro preinstalled along with a Sysadmin Pro license for 25 years. In this configuration the Appliance is recommended for up to 100 extensions and 60 concurrent calls.extensions.
  10. Sangoma FreePBX 1200 Appliance

    SKU: 02-126337

    The FreePBX Sangoma 1200 appliance can support up to 1200 users and can handle up to 350 concurrent calls.

Items 31 to 40 of 70 total

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