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Renegade PBX Appliance by VoIP Supply

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  1. Yeastar O2 Module (2FXO) YST-O2

    SKU: 02-115138

    Yeastar O2 Module (2FXO) is a module with 2 FXO ports to terminate two analog PSTN(POTS) lines. The O2 Module 2FXO is compatible with MyPBX series and S-Series PBX.
  2. Yeastar EX30 Expansion Span 1 E1/T1 PRI Port

    SKU: 02-123488

    Yeastar EX30 has 1 onboard E1/T1/PRI port and supported Model: S100 and S300.
  3. Yeastar WCDMA 3G Module WCDMA-A

    SKU: 02-123585

    Yeastar WCDMA 3G Module 1 WCDMA Trunk Compatible with S-Series and MyPBX U100/U200 only.
  4. Yeastar 1 GSM port module

    SKU: 02-123586

    Yeastar 1 GSM module is a module with 1 GSM channel that could call out by GSM. Yeastar 1 GSM is compatible with MyPBX and S-Series PBX.

4 Item(s)

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