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Linksys SPA962 (Discontinued)

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The Cisco SPA962 is end of life and has been replaced by the Cisco SPA525g2.
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Linksys SPA962 6-Line PoE VoIP Phone

Stylish and functional in design, the Linksys SPA962 color IP phone is a must for businesses using a hosted IP telephony service, an IP PBX, or a large scale IP Centrex deployment. The Linksys SPA962 leverages industry leading VoIP technology from Linksys to deliver a high quality IP Phone that is unparalleled in features, value, and support.

Linksys SPA962 VoIP Phone Overview

Based on the SIP standard, the Linksys SPA962 has been tested to ensure comprehensive interoperability with equipment from VoIP infrastructure leaders enabling service providers to quickly roll-out competitive, feature rich services to their customers. With hundreds of features and configurable service parameters, the Linksys SPA962 addresses the requirements of traditional business users while leveraging the advantages of IP telephony. Features such as easy station moves, presence, and shared line appearances (across local and geographically dispersed locations) are just some of the many advantages of the Linksys SPA962. The Linksys SPA962 uses standard encryption protocols to provide secure remote provisioning and unobtrusive in-service software upgrades. Linksys secure remote provisioning tools include detailed performance measurement and troubleshooting features, enabling network providers to deliver high quality support to their subscribers. Remote provisioning also saves service providers the hassle and expense of managing, pre-loading, and re-configuring customer premise equipment (CPE).

Linksys SPA962 Features and Functions

Standard features on the Linksys SPA962 include six active lines, dual switched Ethernet ports, 802.3af PoE support, a high resolution color display, speakerphone, and a 2.5 mm headset port. Each line can be independently configured to use a unique phone number (or extension), or can be configured to use a shared number that is assigned to multiple phones. The power supply for the SPA962 is sold separately and will be required if PoE functionality is not implemented.
  • Full featured six line business class IP Phone supporting Power over Ethernet 802.3af
  • Connect directly to an Internet Telephone Service Provider or connect to an IP PBX
  • Dual switched Ethernet ports, Speakerphone, Caller ID, Call Hold, Conferencing, and more
  • Appealing Four Inch, True Color Liquid Crystal Display (LCD)
  • Optional PA100 Power Adapter and MB100 Wall Mount Adapter


Jon Garbin

Direct: 716-531-4271

Why Pay $99.99 for the Linksys SPA962 (Discontinued)?

  • 6 SIP lines, expandable to up to 70 SIP line with the addition of the SPA932 sidecar.

  • 320x240 pixel full color LCD display

  • 2 PoE enabled RJ45 Ports

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Questions on Linksys SPA962 (Discontinued)

From Arian at 6/25/2017 8:00 PM

Q: Can I block a specific number on this phone system?

A: Hi Arian,

Unfortunately, this is not an option on the SPA9xx series. However, you may disable call waiting altogether under the Supplemtary Services group on the User tab. Or you may want to change the Call Waiting Tone under the Regional tab.

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