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  1. Algo 8028 SIP Doorphone (G2)

    SKU: 02-117387

    The Algo 8028 SIP Door Phone and IP Intercom is an outdoor rated solution for your security needs. Compatible with a wide range of premise based and hosted PBX's, the Algo 8028 Door Phone can connect to a VoIP telephony system so guests and visitors can be greeted from any telephone or client and allowed entry by a press of a key.
  2. Algo 8180 SIP Audio Alerter (G2)

    SKU: 02-117390

    The Algo 8180 (G2) is a SIP Audio Alerter for IP Paging network devices. The 8180 is equipped with a high efficiency integrated amplifier and high quality loudspeaker, making it up to 8 times louder than a telephone ringer and speaker. This SIP Audio Alerter is perfect for variable noise environments such as warehouses, workshops, restaurants, and machine shops.
  3. Algo 1202 Call Button

    SKU: 02-117420

    The Algo 1202 Call Button offers a reliable and integrated solution for applications requiring one-touch programmable page announcement or alert notification. The 1202 CallBox supports a variety of notification options making it a highly customizable for different deployments.
  4. Algo 8128 SIP Strobe Light

    SKU: 02-117423

    The Algo 8128 SIP Strobe Light is a high-intensity PoE LED strobe light that is designed to provide a visual indication for telephone, safety and security events. The 8128 SIP Strobe Light can be deployed in a variety of environments utilizing different flash patterns from mild to aggressive.
  5. Algo 3228V Vandal Proof FXS Station Port Doorphone

    SKU: 02-127576

    The Algo 32278V Vandal Proof FXS Station Port Doorphone is a telephone-integrated door and gate entry security intercom for visitor and guest communication.
  6. Algo 8028V Vandal Proof SIP Doorphone

    SKU: 02-127577

    The Algo 8028V Vandal Proof SIP Doorphone is an outdoor rated IP intercom compatible with any hosted or premise UC platform as a third party SIP endpoint.
  7. Algo 3004 Door Station Replacement Part

    SKU: 02-127578

    The Algo 3004 is a weatherproof door station replacement part for Algo's legacy doorphone products including the 3006/3026 Trunk Port Doorphone and the 3008 Station port Doorphone. The Algo 3006/3008/3026 are no longer available. and there is no replacement.
  8. Algo 8188B SIP Ceiling Speaker (Black)

    SKU: 02-127579

    The 8188 SIP Ceiling Speaker is a SIP compliant IP ceiling speaker for voice paging, emergency notification, and background music.
  9. Algo 3226V Vandal Proof FXO Trunk Port Doorphone

    SKU: 02-127574

    Algo 3226V Vandal Proof FXO Trunk Port Doorphone has hands free intercom capability, entrance security with door unlock control and superior audio performance.
  10. Algo 3202 Door Station (Brass)

    SKU: 02-127564

    The Algo 3202 Brass Door Station replacement part for the Algo doorphone models 3226, 3228, and 8028.

Items 1 to 10 of 58 total

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