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About Advanced Network Devices Zone Controller

Advanced Network Devices (AND)'s zone controller bridges your non-network devices (such as analog amplifiers) to the data network. This feature-rich device interacts directly with your mass notification system, acting as a hub for a variety of devices.

The ZONEC2 allows you to broadcast audio through an existing traditional speaker connected to an amplifier and it also plays multiple roles such as access control, music player, and more!

Check out some of the common applications:

  • Broadcasting audio
  • Access control (lock and unlock) of doors
  • Connecting motion sensors
  • Playing music from a CD or MP3 player
  • Creating a paging station
  • Visually enhancing alert messages

Advanced Network Devices Paging and Intercom

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  1. Advanced Network Devices IPSMOD IP Speaker Module

    SKU: 02-127716

    The ANetD IPSMOD IP Speaker Module uses PoE to power and enable an analog speaker or horn as an IP endpoint as part of a mass notification system.
  2. Advanced Network Devices ZONEC2 Zone Controller

    SKU: 02-116865

    The Advanced Network Devices ZONEC2 Zone Controller can connect existing analog amplifiers to your data network, creating a hybrid system so both phones and speakers can receive the broadcast.
  3. Advanced Network Devices ZONE-LO Zone Line Out Controller

    SKU: 02-126823

    The ZONE-LO Zone Line Out Controllers connects to your existing amplifier to make your analog speakers IP-enabled.

3 Item(s)

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