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Audiocodes MP204 4FXS VoIP Adapter

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The Audiocodes MP204 is a 4 FXS VoIP ATA with 4 FXS, a WAN port, and a LAN port. Read More

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MP204B/4S/SIP GGWV00682
1 Year
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Audiocodes MP-204 VoIP Telephone Adapter with 4 FXS

The MP-20x series of Telephone Adapters are cost-effective, advanced products, which allow the connection of ordinary analog telephones or fax machines to a Voice over Broadband (VoBB) service. As a member of the MediaPack series of gateways, the MP-20x series of Telephone Adapters are well-suited for commercial VoIP deployments. Field-proven voice and fax technology and a feature rich design make these Telephone Adapters an excellent choice for Voice over Broadband (VoBB) service providers and operators.

Audiocodes MP-204 VoIP Telephone Adapter with 4 FXS, 1 WAN Port, 1 LAN Port

The MP-20x series is designed for the rapidly growing residential and Small Office/Home Office (SOHO) VoIP market. The MP-20x series typically connects to an existing Broadband Internet device (cable, DSL modem or fixed wireless), and establishes a communications path with the service provider network via its IP Uplink connection. Supporting a rich set of subscriber calling features such as caller ID, call forwarding, and call waiting, the MP-20x series maintains a uniform user experience when migrating to VoIP services. In addition, this AudioCodes series serves as a router, supporting connectivity of home PC Networks. Utilizing AudioCodes' VoIPerfect core architecture, and gaining from its accumulated experience in providing IP telephony solutions, the MP-20x series combines superior voice quality and cutting-edge features for end users, such as T.38 Fax Relay and G.168-2004 compliant Echo Cancellation. Low bit rate vocoders (voice coders) can be used simultaneously on all the telephony ports to save valuable bandwidth. The MP-20x series is designed for interoperability with leading Softswitches and SIP servers for deployment in various network environments.

Audiocodes MediaPack 204 Features

  • 4 FXS ports for connecting POTS phones or fax machines
  • FXO port for connecting to PSTN and providing LifeLine in case of power failure
  • Second Ethernet port for LAN/PC connectivity
  • Bridge mode or full router functionality with DHCP, NAT, Firewall and configurable routing logic
  • Premium voice quality
    • Prioritization of voice over data traffic ensuring voice quality
    • Based on AudioCodes' robust, 3rd generation VoIPerfect? technology
    • Dual core architecture ensures voice quality is maintained even during high CPU load

Audiocodes MediaPack 204 Benefits

  • Residential and SOHO telephony Gateway for Voice over Broadband (VoBB) networks
  • Allows Fallback to PSTN for E911 or upon power failure (FXO) configurations
  • 4 FXS ports connecting to POTS phones or fax machines
  • Provides toll quality voice compression
  • Robust fax handling with support for T.38
  • Integrated router including Firewall, NAT and smart traffic prioritization
  • Supports a rich set of subscriber calling features
  • Easy integration into existing VoIP networks
  • Broad interoperability list of Softswitches and SIP servers