Cisco Wireless Phones

About Cisco Wireless Phones with MPP Firmware

Cisco Wireless IP DECT Phones are quickly becoming a standard in many vertical-specific applications, such as warehouse management, hospitality, retail, and healthcare. Cisco IP DECT Phones offer the consistency, feature-rich flexibility, and call quality offered by Cisco Call Manager or Call Manager Express or SIP as well as the flexibility of a mobile phone. These DECT phones come with Multiplatform Firmware (MPP), providing a cost-effective solution.

The Cisco 6800 Series IP DECT Phones offer a long battery life and standby time, which gives you the ability to stay connected, roam freely, and be productive all at the same time! The Cisco IP DECT Phones allow you and your staff to answer calls promptly, travel to different areas on site so you can check orders or inventory, respond to incoming emergencies, and be responsive to your coworkers, staff, and customers.

Click here to learn more about the Cisco 6800 Series IP DECT Phones.

Cisco Wireless IP Phones
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