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Accessories for Cisco Phones

Cisco IP Phones are a smart investment for just about any business. When making such an investment, it is wise to take the time up front to consider if there are any peripheral accessories that you will need to help your company see the maximum benefits from your Cisco phone installation.

Certain Cisco phone accessories probably go without saying, such as a power cord. If you are not installing your Cisco phone on a PoE switch, you will need to purchase a power adapter. If your phone users will be on the phone for more than 2 hours a day, you should also consider purchasing a Cisco Phone Headset.

Other accessories you may not have thought about are a foot stand if you are adding a sidecar to a Cisco CP phone, a camera if you are purchasing a Cisco CP-99xx multimedia phone, or an extended microphone kit for a Cisco conference phone.

Accessories for Cisco Phones

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  1. CP-HANDSET Replacement Handset for Cisco IP Phone

    SKU: 02-107313

    Replacement CP-HANDSET for Cisco IP Phone.
  2. Generic 48V-PWR-CUBE3-G AC Power Supply

    SKU: 02-102836

    Our 48V-PWR-CUBE2-G Generic IP Phone AC Power Supply is equivalent in specification and form factor to Cisco CP-PWR-CUBE, CP-PWR-CUBE2 and CP-PWR-CUBE3. An inexpensive, generic, direct replacement for Cisco IP Phone AC Power Cubes with the AC power cord. Also comparable with Polycom's 48VDC; 12W for VVX Series including VVX 411.
  3. Linksys PA100

    SKU: 02-101201

    The Linksys PA100 is a 100-240V AC Power Adapter for the SPA9xx, SPA3xx, SPA5xx, and SPA2102 phones and adapters.
  4. Cisco CP-BATT-7921G-EXT

    SKU: 02-103058

    The Cisco CP-BATT-7921G-EXT is the extended performance Lithium Ion replacement battery for the Cisco CP-7921 WiFi phone.
  5. Cisco CP-DBLFOOTSTAND for CP-7914 Console

    SKU: 02-100635

    The Cisco CP-DOUBLEFOOTSTAND is the necessary stand for adding 2 CP-7914, CP-7915, or CP-7916 expansion modules to your Cisco CP-79xx IP phone.

    SKU: 02-100640

    The Cisco CP-SINGLEFOOTSTAND is the necessary stand for adding 1 CP-7914, CP-7915, or CP-7916 expansion module to your Cisco CP-79xx IP phone.
  7. Cisco CP-7915

    SKU: 02-108464

    Cisco Unified IP Phone Expansion Module

    Regular Price: $299.99

    Special Price: $209.99

  8. Cisco CP-7914 (Refresh)

    SKU: 02-108076

    The Cisco CP-7914 VSRF extends the capabilities of these Cisco phones 7960G, 7961G, 7970G and 7971G-GE with additional buttons and an LCD display. With this expansion module, you add 14 buttons to the existing six buttons of the Cisco IP Phones 7960 and 7961G and the existing eight buttons of the Cisco IP Phones 7970G and 7971G-GE, increasing the total number of buttons when you add one or two Cisco 7914 Expansion Modules.

    Regular Price: $84.99

    Special Price: $79.99

  9. Cisco SPA500S

    SKU: 02-108452

    The Cisco SPA500S is a 32 button expansion module for use with the Cisco SPA500 series of VoIP phones.
  10. Cisco SPA500DS

    SKU: 02-114513

    The Cisco SPA500DS sidecar or expansion module allows you to add up to 30 additional line appearances to your Cisco SPA500 series VoIP phone.

Items 1 to 10 of 23 total

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