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ClearOne Speakerphones

About ClearOne Speakerphones

ClearOne designs speakerphones for individual, small, medium, and large group use. For use with VoIP phones and softphones, cell phones, Skype, web/desktop conferencing, IM, or just audio playback from your favorite media player.

With a simple USB connection, enjoy plug-and-play installation from these full-duplex speakerphones with great audio and sensitive microphones.

ClearOne Speakerphones offer hands-free comfort and convenience in a small package that easily travels wherever you go.

Why buy ClearOne Speakerphones?

  • Full-duplex audio performance allows users to listen and speak at the same time without audio cutting in and out.
  • Echo cancellation identifies and eliminates acoustic echo and noise cancellation provides natural-sounding conversations.
  • Automatic gain and level controls adjust microphone and speaker levels automatically.
ClearOne Speakerphones
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