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Cyberdata IP Strobes

Cyberdata IP Strobes

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Cyberdata IP Strobes

About Cyberdata IP Strobes

IP Strobes are SIP visual alerting devices, notifying you the incoming calls within an IP paging environment. This solution is ideal to be used in various places, from classrooms, banks, to warehouses, and offices.

With CyberData IP Strobes, you can enjoy wide range of features such as PoE, web-based setup, 2 flashes per second, event-controlled relay, and more. 

Cyberdata IP Paging devices

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    The Cyberdata 011087 is a SIP enabled Strobe that is used within an IP Paging environment.
  2. CyberData 011376

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    CyberData SIP RGB Strobe
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    When installed, the wall-mounted Singlewire RGB Strobe operates as a visual alerting device. In Singlewire mode, when an audio page is sent to the strobe, a specific color, brightness and blink rate can be selected based on the priority of the page. The Singlewire RGB Strobe supports 10 Singlewire priority levels.

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