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CyberData IP Amplifiers

CyberData IP Amplifiers

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CyberData IP Amplifiers

About Cyberdata IP Amplifiers

If you are looking for an easy method for implementing an IP-based overhead paging system, CyberData IP Amplifiers could be a great fit. This solution provides direct drive of a horn speaker and line-out connector to connect to an external amplifier. Wireless choices are available: CyberData 011096, CyberData 011116.

Offering two SIP extensions, CyberData IP Amplifiers enable users to assign an extension to both auto answer paging and "First-to-Answer" ring group with IP phones. This solution is compatible with most SIP based IP PBX servers and it also can be configured to use in non-SIP environments. Additional user-friendly features include Web-based configuration, User-uploadable tones and messages, auto-provisioning, and more.

Cyberdata IP Paging devices

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  1. CyberData 011114

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    CyberData V2 Loudspeaker Amplifier for SingleWire applications (PoE enabled)
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    The new CyberData SIP-enabled Paging Amplifier provides an easy method for implementing an IP-based overhead paging system for both new and legacy installations. The interface is compatible with most SIP-based IP PBX servers that comply with the SIP RFC 3261. For non-SIP environments, the Paging Amplifier can be configured to listen to multicast address and port number combinations to form paging zones.

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