8-Port Analog Cards

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About Digium A8 Series Cards

Perfect for medium-sized business installations, Digium A8 Series cards support a combination of up to eight station or trunk modules. The A8 Series of VoIP PBX Hardware analog cards supports up to 8 connections for each card in your Asterisk system. Using either 2 of Digium's quad-port or 4 single-port interface modules, A8 series cards can scale from 1 to 8 ports.

Reduce part complexity, cable clutter, and points of failure with the Digium A8 Series. Eliminating the need for multiple brackets, external dongles, or splitters, the A8 Series provides an industry first 8 standard two-wire, RJ-11 interfaces on a single card bracket.

Digium gives you the exact port configuration you need as the modular nature of the cards allows you to mix and match between FXO (line) and FXS (station) interfaces. Digium A8 Series analog cards are available in half-length PCI and PCI Express form factors.

Why buy Digium A8 Series?

  • All cards include a five (5) year warranty and are eligible for Digium's risk-free Quality Guarantee ESP.
  • PCI or PCI Express bus architectures
  • Up to 8 ports of FXS/FXO modules with optional DSP -based carrier grade echo cancellation modules
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