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Grandstream Networks GVC and IPVideoTalk

Grandstream Networks Video Conferencing Solutions, the GVC 3202 and the GVC 3200, offersmall businesses a reliable product to conduct video meetings. Grandstream's GVC's are equipped with powerful features that make for a very flexible solution that supports multiple well-known video conferencing protocols and platforms right out of the box. Each GVC ships with a GAC2500 Enterprise Conference Phone and Speaker. Each GVC also comes with a FREE 12-month subscription ofIPVideoTalk's Small Business Plan. Every GVC3200 or GVC3202 purchased after 1/1/17 will have this free trial automatically activated, once the customer installs and boots up their GVC it will start.

Key features of theGVCinclude

  • 1080p Full-HD video
  • Support for up to 9-way video conferencing (GVC3200)
  • Built-in meeting scheduler
  • Android based

Key features of the GAC2500 include

  • Support for 7-way voice conferencing
  • Bluetooth capability
  • Touch-screen display
  • Daisy-chain support for up to two GAC2500s



Grandstream's Video Conferencing Solutions (GVCs) offer Plug and Play connection with IPVideoTalk. IPVideoTalk is Grandstream's subscription-based video conferencing and web service designed to improve collaboration. Users can easily linkGVC's to hold meetings from various locations that can also be joined trough the web with any WebRTC-enabled browser (Firefox, Chrome) from anywhere in the world.

IPVideoTalk has a user-friendly interface where users have access to many great features such as meeting scheduler, manage contact/ devices, set-up customizable, automatic thank you emails, and reporting of the results of a meeting/ webinar. Through the interface, administrators can easily send out invites to corresponding parties by entering their email addresses. The invitee receives an email with a registration link. To join the meeting, the attendee simply clicks on that link at the scheduled time of the meeting, andwhala!, they have joined the meeting.

IPVideoTalk is an open standard SIP platform that only requires a simple two-step installation process without any proprietary equipment. IPVideoTalk gives you the flexibility to communicate with third-party SIP video conferencing platforms as well as the power to use Android applications.

 IPVideoTalk features

Features of IPVideoTalk include

Cloud Recording NEW!

The cloud recording feature is available to the host in the web meeting interface. Simply click “Record this Meeting”, you are able to record, store, download and delete recordings from the user portal. 

Social Media Live Integration NEW!

This feature is available to the host right from the web meeting interface. IPVideoTalk integrates with YouTube and Facebook accounts. Select either platform and log in to the designated social media account to complete the streaming access.

  • Customizable meeting registration pages NEW
  • Enhanced customization of meeting emails NEW
  • Q&A support NEW
  • Dual video-presentation stream (WebRTC browsers) NEW
  • Pause screen sharing NEW
  • Easy two-step installation
  • Screen sharing
  • 1080p Full-HD video
  • Support for (3) monitor outputs and a PTZ camera with 9x or 12x zoom
  • Password-encryption- Set-up a password in order for invitees to join sensitive meetings
  • Encryption and Firewall for all traffic: signaling, audio, and video


Plans for IPVideoTalks are as follows and they are billed annually:

ipvt room system plansIPVTmeetings

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  1. Grandstream GAC2500 Android Enterprise Conference Phone

    SKU: 02-119620

    The Grandstream GAC2500 Android Enterprise Conference Phone is the latest VoIP conferencing solution from Grandstream. Featuring 6 lines with up to 6 SIP accounts, this conference unit utilizes the power of Android IP to allow for a broad range of communication possibilities.

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