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Grandstream GWN WiFi Access Points

Grandstream offers powerful WiFi Access Points with high performance networking, tremendous coverage range and fast provisioning! Easily paired these WiFi Access Points with 3rd party routers, future Grandstream routers or your existing WiFi networks. 

Don’t forget to also check the latest WiFi 6 GWN series which gives you the ability to handle even a higher number of concurrent devices!

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  1. Grandstream GWN7600LR Outdoor Long Range 802.11ac Wave-2 WiFi Access Point

    SKU: 02-123829

    This WiFi long range access point is designed to provide extended coverage support. Ideal for outdoor WiFi solutions thanks to its waterproof casing and heat resistant technology. The GWN7600LR comes equipped with dual-band 2x2:2 MU-MIMO with beam-forming technology and a sophisticated antenna design for maximum network throughput and extended WiFi coverage range of up to 300 meters. To ensure easy installation and management, the GWN7600LR uses a controller-less distributed network management design and an embedded controller within the product’s web user interface. This allows each access point to manage a network of up to 30 GWN APs independently without needing separate controller hardware/software and without a single point-of-failure. Its easy installation and management features packed with extra coverage support and advanced performance features, make the GWN7600LR an ideal outdoor access point for mid-size wireless network deployments.
  2. Grandstream GWN7625 WiFi 6 Access Point

    SKU: 02-132051

    The Grandstream GWN7625 WiFi Access Point has been designed with small-to-medium sized businesses in mind. It provides easy installation and management that make it easy for home office users, retail shops restaurants, and the like to deploy.
  3. Grandstream GWN7605LR WiFi Access Point

    SKU: 02-131069

    The Grandstream GWN7605LR WiFi Access Point is an outdoor long-range device that has a coverage of up to 250 meters (820 ft).
  4. Grandstream GWN7615 Enterprise Wi-Fi Access Point

    SKU: 02-129996

    The Grandstream GWN7615 Enterprise Wi-Fi Access Point is a scalable and sophisticated enterprise-grade device designed for use in high-user environments.
  5. Grandstream GWN7605 Wi-Fi Access Point

    SKU: 02-127883

    The Grandstream GWN7605 Wi-Fi Access Point is suitable for small to medium deployments where the user density is average. In par with the rest of the models in the GWN series, the GWN7605 has a sophisticated antenna design that allows for the maximum network throughput and Wi-Fi coverage range. The GWN7605 can be seamlessly deployed with Grandstream's WiFi enabled IP phones.
  6. Grandstream GWN7602 Wi-Fi Access Point

    SKU: 02-127723

    The Grandstream GWN7602 Wi-Fi Access Point is a small in size, yet powerful Wi-Fi access point that home-users, small businesses, offices and hotels can use to make a secure and reliable connection to their network. The GWN7602 has three 100Mb ports for connection and via Ethernet. It also provides an uplink Gigabit port for PoE/PoE+.
  7. Grandstream GWN7630LR Outdoor WiFi Access Point

    SKU: 02-127717

    The GWN7630LR has come to solve the needs of small and large businesses requiring an outdoor long-range W-Fi access point that won't disappoint. The GWN7630LR has a robust antenna design that supports maximum network throughput and can handle more than 200 clients at a range of up to 300 meters (984 feet).
  8. Grandstream GWN7630 Wi-Fi Access Point

    SKU: 02-126716

    Grandstream's GWN7630 is a quality Wi-Fi Access Point suitable for small to medium-sized businesses, commercial locations and branch offices. It features dual-band technology and an antenna design that provides the maximum network throughput and Wi-Fi coverage. This is the access point to use for your voice-over-wi-fi applications especially when using it with Grandstream's WiFi phone's so that you can take advantage of seamless integration.
  9. Grandstream Cloud Controller for Grandstream’s GWN series

    SKU: 02-125020

    The Grandstream GWN.Cloud has been specifically designed to help enterprise businesses manage their Grandstream GWN series WiFi access points. The GWN.Cloud management platform is equipped with monitoring and maintenance tools that allow businesses to work more efficiently by easily managing their network across multiple locations.
    Read below to learn how to get started!
  10. Grandstream GWN7624 In-Wall Access Point

    SKU: 02-132293

    The Grandstream GWN7624 is a powerful in-wall Wi-Fi access point that is ideal for small and medium-sized businesses with medium wireless network deployments and medium user density that require high network performance.

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