Ingate SIParator/Firewall Session Border Controllers

Ingate Enterprise Session Border Controllers

About Ingate SIParator SIParator/Firewall SBCs

Ingate SBCs offer a complete solution for SIP connectivity, security, and interoperability, enabling SIP trunking, VoIP Unified Communications (UC). They are interoperable with every major IP-PBX appliance and SIP trunk provider and support deployments of all sizes - from WFH deployments to SMBbs, to large installations.

Ingate SBCs are available in six hardware models, as a software version for virtual machines, and as a cloud-ready solution for Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, and OpenStack.

Ingate Remote Workers/WFH

Ingate's remote worker solutions are field-proven with call centers, businesses, and carriers large and small. Ingate remote user licenses expand functionality at a moment's notice. Their WebRTC solutions enable web browser-based WFH deployments. Simply open a browser for instant real-time video, softphone, and chat functionality - no hardware is needed at the user site.

Why buy Ingate SIParator/Firewall SBCs?

  • Perfect for small to large enterprises and call centers
  • Can handle anywhere from 800 - 20,00 concurrent calls (depending on the model)
  • oCmpatible with all major IP-PBXs and SIP trunk providers for quick and easy SIP trunk deployments
  • Detailed logs, reports, and test tools



Ingate Session Border Controllers
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