Jabra Direct and Jabra Express

Jabra Direct 

Jabra Direct is a FREE software that can be downloaded for Windows and macOS that helps you securely manage your Jabra headsets and speakerphones.

With Jabra Direct, you can rest assured that your Jabra headsets are always using the latest firmware with the most up-to-date features and bug fixes. 


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Jabra Express

The Jabra Express tool is FREE for users and allows businesses to access secure management and analytics tools for their Jabra headsets from anywhere. With Jabra Express, you will have access to data-based analytics from individual headset users allowing you to improve agent productivity as well as customer call experience. Jabra Express can be used with Linux OS, macOS, and Windows. 


Jabra Express


Jabra Direct and Jabra Express Webinar with Jabra and VoIP Supply