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  1. Konftel OCC Hub

    SKU: 02-126958

    The Konftel OCC Hub supports Konftel One Cable Connection, a single USB cable is all you need to connect the camera, speakerphone and the room’s screen to the collaboration app on your laptop.
  2. Konftel PoE Injector

    SKU: 02-127027

    The Konftel PoE Injector is used to power PoE devices such as the Konftel 800 via the data connection.
  3. Konftel Smart Microphone (900102144)

    SKU: 02-127026

    With the Konftel Smart Microphone, you can expand the range of the Konftel 800 to handle larger conferences with up to 20 people in the room.
  4. Konftel Ethernet Cable Cat 5e

    SKU: 02-126968

    Konftel Ethernet Cable Cat 5e TP UTP Cat.5E unshielded RJ45
  5. Konftel Connection Cable

    SKU: 02-126967

    The Konftel Connection Cable is for power and conference phones.
  6. Konftel Expansion Microphone Cable

    SKU: 02-126966

    Use the Konftel Expansion Microphone Cable when longer cables than enclosed 1,5/2,5 (5/8 ft) are required for the Expansion microphones.
  7. Konftel AC Adapter

    SKU: 02-126965

    AC Adapter for the Konftel Analog DECT Base.
  8. Konftel Charging Cradle

    SKU: 02-126964

    Konftel Charging Cradle is an AC Adapter and is 35 inches long.
  9. Konftel AC Adapter IP DECT 10

    SKU: 02-126963

    The Konftel AC Adapter IP DECT 10 is 100-240 V AC/5 V DC and is 72 inches long.
  10. Konftel Unite Adapter

    SKU: 02-126962

    The Konftel Unite adapter is an optional accessory for the Konftel 300Wx and Konftel 300Mx conference phones.

Items 1 to 10 of 14 total

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