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  1. Lifesize Share - Wireless Media Sharing Device (2 Years DSS Included) (1000-0000-0922)

    SKU: 02-125272

    Lifesize Share is a wireless presentation device that connects a compatible laptop or video conferencing system to a display. It enables HD content sharing, including online media and presentations. Pairing is effortless using Lifesize's ultrasonic technology, and changing between users is quick and simple.
  2. Lifesize Phone HD 1000-0000-0918

    SKU: 02-125234

    With Lifesize Phone HD, you can manage Lifesize video and audio calls and web conferences, making it easier than ever to collaborate with colleagues and partners. Lifesize Phone HD features an intuitive touchscreen interface that is simple enough for anyone to use, so more people will want to use it everyday. The Lifesize Phone HD must be configured to a Lifesize Icon video System. Device Software Subscription Contract (1-year) is required with each product purchase.
  3. Lifesize Camera 10x 1000-0000-0410

    SKU: 02-113134

    The Lifesize® Camera 10x™ offers an HD Video Conferencing experience second to none! See everything in true-life quality outstanding clarity, zoom, and 9 presets to mimic natural presentations and conversations.
  4. LifeSize Digital MicPod 1000-0000-0593

    SKU: 02-114355

    The LifeSize Digital MicPod is an expansion microphone for the LifeSize Phone 2nd Generation. The LifeSize Digital MicPod extends the pickup range of your LifeSize phone and has LED indicators for “Mute” and “In-Call”.
  5. Lifesize Link Adapter 1000-0000-0887

    SKU: 02-125204

    The Lifesize Link Adapter supports cable distances up to 200' between the Lifesize Icon and Lifesize Phone or Digital MicPod
  6. Lifesize 4M Link Cable 1000-0000-0758

    SKU: 02-125201

    The 4M Link Cable is compatible with Lifesize 2ND generation with Icon or Digital Micpod
  7. Lifesize 9M Link Cable 1000-0000-0594

    SKU: 02-125202

    The 9M Link Cable is compatible with Lifesize phones 2nd generation with icon or digital micpods.
  8. Lifesize 15M Link Cable 1000-0000-0759

    SKU: 02-125203

    The Lifesize 15M Link Cable is compatible with Lifesize phones, 2nd Generation along with Lifesize Icons and Digital Micpods
  9. LifeSize 25ft Camera Firewire Cable 1000-0000-0161

    SKU: 02-125198

    The 1000-0000-0161 is a 25ft cable that is used with Lifesize video conferencing cameras and codecs.
  10. Lifesize 50ft Camera Cable Firewire 1000-0000-0162

    SKU: 02-125200

    The 1000-0000-0162 is a 50ft Firewire Cable for your Lifesize conferencing products

10 Item(s)

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