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Mediatrix 3000 Series IP Gateways

Mediatrix 3000 Series Gateways

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Mediatrix 3000 Series Gateways

About Mediatrix 3000 Series Gateways

The Mediatrix 3000 Series have been discontinued by the manufacturer and replaced by the G7 Series. 

The Mediatrix 3000 Series are digital gateways that allow users to use an existing IP network for lower-cost VoIP communications. They ensure seamless voice and data transfer to any standards-based VoIP network. 

This solution provides up to 60 simultaneous calls, 9 FXS ports for analog device connectivity, 10 ISDN BRI with two bypass ports, User-programmable call handling, Fax over IP, and many other user-friendly features.

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